Macross Technical Manual
The Macross Technical Manual is an ongoing series of articles exploring the different technical aspects of the fictional Macross universe. Each article will attempt to explore distinct aspects of the Macross universe through academic investigation or scientific exploration.

The written trivia for Macross has never been fully exhaustive in scope and as such, many details of Macross fictional technology remain either unclear or simply unknown. The intention of the written trivia was to add a sense of realism to the “real robots” of the Macross universe but never to impose restrictions or rules to prevent writers from creatively narrating Macross stories. Due to these limitations, official trivia used in the Macross Technical Manual articles may be sourced from numerous Macross publications, some of which may have been written years or even decades apart. The trivia used might not be part of the official continuity (but must always be from an official Macross product), as is the case with publications like the Master File series. The Macross Technical Manual only seeks to use whatever official information is available to examine in detail the technology of Macross. As with all use of trivia (official or otherwise), every attempt is made to unify trivia for the purposes of any such critical analysis; all trivia is recognized, no trivia is ever discarded and any contradictions that arise are reconciled on a “best fit” basis. This unification of fact prevents self-proclaimed arbiters from declaring what is or isn’t official Macross fact. It should go without saying that all articles in the Macross Technical Manual are unofficial fan analysis.

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