Variable Fighter Thrust-To-Weight Ratio Chart
For some 25 years now, the creators of Macross have published official statistics for the variable fighter craft of the Macross universe. This has made it possible to compare the performance of each Valkyrie against the other using official statistics for each craft. In aeronautics, the Thrust-To-Weight ratio is used as a figure of merit to quantify the capabilities of a given aircraft. The fictional OverTechnology of the Macross world has long since surpassed the capabilities of conventional aircraft, but the thrust-to-weight ratio still provides a guideline for comparison.

The chart below provides an analysis of the thrust-to-weight ratio for most of the Macross Valkyries (with a few real aircraft for comparison). Unfortunately, most published statistics post-SDF Macross only describe the empty mass of a Valkyrie, so ultimate accuracy of the chart will suffer to some extent. Nonetheless, it is possible for fans to guess the standard loaded weight of the later Valkyries using the VF-1 as a benchmark (in Standard Take-Off Weight) and this chart below can offer fans a rough guide to the performance of the various Valkyries.

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Thrust-To-Weight Ratio Chart (as of June 2008)
chart created by Dante74; calculations by MrMarch

VF-19S Excalibur Standard T-O Mass Estimate
NOTE: The VF-19S Excalibur estimated * is a Standard Take-Off Mass calculated by using the additional weight in the Std T-O Mass of the VF-1 Valkyrie as a benchmark. It adds some 5.25 tons of additional mass to the VF-19S Excalibur to arrive at a thrust-to-weight ratio that should roughly reflect the performance of the Valkyrie with full fuel, ammunition and weapons loaded.

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