• February 18, 2007
    The Macross Mecha Manual is back with a bang. Today features a major update with 48 new profiles. Free from the demands of the VF-1 and all the numerous VF-1 variants, I'm now able to fill out some of the other sections. The focus of this update is Capital Ships and Vehicles though naturally new mecha have been added as well. You'll also find a few older profiles have been updated and visitors who suggested changes will notice some of their ideas implemented. I'd like to thank all the visitors for their feedback and especially say thanks for all your positive comments.

    This update also features the debut of two new Macross sections, Macross Zero and Macross Plus. Also, a special Features section has been added and some minor corrections/revisions have been made to the entire website. The jewel of the update: the SV-51 from Macross Zero, featured in three different color schemes and one variant. Here is a list of all the new Macross mecha added in this update:

    ***SDF Macross Section***

    MBR-04 Destroid Defender Mk X
    HWR-00 Destroid Monster Mk II
    SDR-04 Destroid Phalanx Mk XII
    MBR-07 Destroid Spartan Mk II
    Oberth Class Destroyer
    LVT Avenger II
    F203 Dragon II
    EC-33B Disk Sensor
    QF-3000E Ghost
    SF-3A Lancer II
    SC-27 Star Goose
    VC-33 Mom's Kitchen
    VC-27 Tunny
    Glaug Booster
    **Updated** Nousjadeul-Ger
    Fulbtzs-Berrentzs Class Fleet Flagship
    **Updated** Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Class Fleet Command Battleship
    Thurvel-Salan Class Battleship
    Queadol-Magdomilla Class Fleet Command Battleship
    Quiltra-Queleual Class Landing Ship Tank
    Picket Patrol Ship
    Quel-Quallie Theatre Scout
    Factory Satellite
    MiM-31 Karyovin
    Fan Liner
    Fan Racer
    Fokker D.VII
    Supervision Army Derelict

    ***DYRL Section***

    **Updated** VF-1A Super Valkyrie
    **Updated** VF-1A Super Hikaru Valkyrie
    ARMD Class Carrier (Film)
    Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Class Fleet Command Battleship
    Golg Gant Charts
    Meltran Flagship
    Meltran LST
    Meltran Battleship
    Meltran Destroyer
    Meltran Cruiser
    Meltran Gunboat
    Meltran Picket

    ***Macross Zero Section***

    Variant SV-51 "Nora"
    Variant SV-51 "Ivanov"
    SV-51 "Booster"

    ***Macross Plus Section***

    X-9 Ghost
    Zentradi Battle Suit
    Sports Car (2040)
    Sport-Tour Motorcycle (2040)
    Stellar Whale Passenger Liner
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