• August 2, 2007

    Once again, the Macross Mecha Manual is a buzz with new content. This update features 40 new profiles and marks the final update that will complete the original mandate of the Macross Mecha Manual; the profiling of mecha from Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Macross Flashback 2012, Macross Plus and Macross Zero. While the Macross Zero section stands as incomplete it represents the limit of the high-resolution Macross Zero line art to which I have access. Until a proper book of Macross Zero line art is released, that section will likely remain as is.

    Having stated that, be assured the Macross Mecha Manual is continuing. Truth be told, I've become somewhat addicted to the work and while I may have exhausted my Macross Zero line art, I've yet to exhaust the totality of the other series line art. I've plans to add more mecha, improve some older profiles, add more line art and also include some new features (specifically a schematic section to showcase the many high-resolution pictures of the Valkyries in fighter mode).

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to formally request submissions of Macross Zero and Macross Flashback 2012 black and white line art. If you have access to a scanner that can do at least 600 DPI, I'll accept high-resolution line art in whatever format you can offer, even jpeg if need be. Specifically, I'm hoping to obtain large enough pictures of the individual Macross Zero line art from old japanese magazines (probably requires 1,200 DPI for those small pictures) and I'm also interested in ANY line art from the Macross Flashback 2012 fan books (specifically high-resolution scans of the Megaroad and any character/equipment scans). If you have the means and would love to see some more Macross on the Macross Mecha Manual, please contact me.

    In this update, I'm happy to announce the opening of this section (Updates) and the Macropedia section. For quick reference, here is a list of all the new Macross mecha added in this update:

    ***Macross Zero***

    VF-0A "Angel"
    VF-0S Reactive Armor

    ***SDF Macross Section***

    SDF-1 Macross
    Re-Entry Pod
    Salvage Ship

    ***Macross DYRL? Section***

    Alien StarShip One (Film Version - Meltran Gun Destroyer)

    ***Flashback 2012 Section***

    Megaroad-01 Class Super-Long Range Colonization Ship

    ***Macross Plus Section***

    Bolognese Class Stealth Frigate
    Civilian Helicopter (2040)
    Drone Fighter
    Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier
    HWR-00 Monster Mk II Target Destroid
    Nousjadeul-Ger Target Powered Suit
    SDF-1 Macross (Macross Plus Version)
    Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier
    VF-1J Target Battroid
    VF-11B Super
    VF-11 Unmanned Target Fighter
    YF-19 Prototype No. 1
    YF-19 "Alpha One"
    YF-19 FAST Pack
    YF-19 Fold Booster
    YF-21 Prototype No. 1
    YF-21 "Omega One"
    YF-21 FAST Pack
    YF-21 Fold Booster

    ***Macross 7 Section***

    VF-1J "Milia (2045)"
    VF-11B Super "Pink Pecker"
    VF-17D Nightmare
    VF-17D "Diamond Force"
    VF-17D Nightmare "Fold Booster"
    VF-17D Nightmare "Radome"
    VF-17S Nightmare
    VF-17S "Milia"
    VF-17S Super Pack
    VF-17T Nightmare "Trainer"


    Complete Revision to VF-11C Super "Macross 7 Fleet" (new colored battroid, fighter, gun pod and missiles, revised written description, revised technical details and new line art)
    New Picture added VF-11C "Protect Armor" High-Piercing-Round Gun Pod
    Line art update VF-11B Battroid, GERWALK, Fighter
    Line art update VF-11B Booster
    Line art update VF-11B Booster Ventral
    Line art update SDF-1 Macross (Film Version) Attack and Cruiser Modes
    Line art update VT-1 Battroid
    Line art update Golg Gants Charts
    Line art added Zentradi "Enemy" Battle Suit main missile launcher (launcherlarge)
    Line art added Sports Car (2040) top view
    Line art added Sport-Tour Motorcycle (2040) rear turn view
    Line art added VF-11B Fighter Front View
    Line art added VF-11B Fighter Ventral Rear View
    Line art added VF-11B Fighter Variable Wing
    Line art added VF-11B Fighter Control Surfaces
    Line art added VF-11C Protect Armor front view
    Line art added VF-11C Protect Armor rear view (open)
    Corrected picture subheading for APC
    Corrected picture subheading for Refrigerator Truck
    Corrected picture names for VF-1J Valkyrie
    Profile update for Ghost X-9 (changed FAST Packs to Super Parts)
    Updated Debut and Other Appearances for the HWR-00 Mk II Destroid Monster to reflect it's cameo in Macross Plus, Episode 2 (training simulations)
    Updated Debut and Other Appearances for the Nousjadeul-Ger (Film) to reflect it's cameo in Macross Plus, Episode 2 (training simulations)
    Updated Zentradi "Enemy" Battle Suit missile count numbers from 21 per launcher to a correct count of 23.
    Updated Zentradi "Enemy" Battle Suit guns and rear pictures
    Changed directory and htm names for VF-11 and VF-11 Booster to vf-11b and vf-11b-booster respectively.
    Changed directory and htm names for SDF-1 Macross (Film Version) to macross-dyrl.

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