• April 6, 2007

    Once again the Macross Mecha Manual is updated with more exciting mecha from the Macross universe. This update features 40 new profiles as well as revisions for a few existing entries. The success of the Macross Mecha Manual has been very apparent and fan reaction has been almost universally positive. As such the website will continue to expand as much as the mecha material allows. The focus of this update is Vehicles and Valkyries.

    Two more new Macross sections open with this update, Flashback 2012 and Macross 7. Lastly, I've opened the Humor section with some parody posters designed just for Macross fans. These "Macross Motivational Messages" are a small series of 15 posters that I hope make you all laugh or at least chuckle. The standout of this update: the VF-11 from Macross Plus and Macross 7 featured in two different color schemes and two variants. Here is a list of all the new Macross mecha added in this update:

    ***Macross Zero Section***


    ***SDF Macross Section***

    Boom Lift Truck
    ES-11D Cat's Eye
    DL-88 Centipede
    GN XM-3002
    Refrigerator Truck
    Sea Sergeant
    Spider Bug
    Zentradi Shuttle

    ***DYRL? Section***

    VF-1A "Hikaru"
    VF-1A "Kakizaki"
    VF-1S (Film Version)
    VF-1S "Max"
    RC-4E Rabbit
    Queadluun-Rau (Film Version)
    Laplamiz Mobile Fortress
    Gorg Bodolzaa Mobile Fortress
    Nousjadeul-Ger (Film Version)
    Light Transport Boat
    Zentradi Shuttle (Film Version)
    A-510 Sports Car (2010)
    Boom Lift Truck (Film Version)

    ***Flashback 2012 Section***

    VF-4 Lightning III

    ***Macross Plus Section***

    VF-11 Thunderbolt
    VF-11 Thunderbolt "Booster"
    SB-10/10 Starwing

    ***Macross 7 Section***

    VF-11 "Macross 7 Fleet"
    VF-11 "Protect Armor"
    Queadluun-Rau "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran Flagship "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran LST "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran Battleship "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran Destroyer "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran Cruiser "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran Gunboat "Chlore Fleet"
    Meltran Picket "Chlore Fleet"


    New color variant Alternate Division Colors Picket Patrol Ship (Purple)
    New color variant Alternate Division Colors Thurvel-Salan Battleship (Purple)
    New color variant Destroid Spartan Mk II (Blue)
    Debut update for Destroid Phalanx Mk XII
    Picture update to the Monster Mk II colored pictures
    Text update to Defender Mk X
    Text update to VC-27 Tunny
    Debut update Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Command Ship
    Debut update for VF-1J "Max"
    Debut update VF-1 Atmospheric Booster
    Debut and picture update SC-27 Stargoose (Booster)
    Picture corrections for VF-1J "Max" and VF-1J "Milia"
    Debut update for LVT Avenger II
    Debut update for Comanchero
    Text update to VF-1J "Armored" Valkyrie
    Format update to VF-1S "Super" Valkyrie
    Text update to Golg Gants Charts
    Text update to SDF-1 Macross (Film Version)
    Picture added (UUM-7 Missile Pod) to VF-1A "Super" Valkyrie (DYRL)
    Picture added (UUM-7 Missile Pod) to VF-1S "Strike" Valkyrie (DYRL)
    Text update to VF-1J Armored Valkyrie (Film Version)
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