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Zentradi Shuttle

Zentradi Shuttle

Technical Data

Ship Type: light passenger shuttle
Government: Zentradi Army
Accomodation: unknown
Dimensions: unknown
Mass: unknown
Power Plant: thermonuclear reaction furnance
Propulsion: 4 x main thrusters; many x vernier thrusters
Design Features: 1 x thrust panel
Armament: none

Description and History

A small (by Zentradi standards) craft, the Zentradi shuttle is used to ferry personnel between ships in space. The front cockpit opens from the top and typically receives personnel via a small gravity lift. Gorg Bodolzaa used a shuttle to travel from his flagship to Britai's command ship. Britai and Exedol also used Zentradi shuttles upon their departure from the Fulbtzs-Berrentzs flagship.

Production Notes

Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 11
Crew: Gorg Bodolzaa, Britai Kridanik, Exedol Folmo
Other Appearances: none
Original mechanical designer: Studio Nue

Line Art

  • Zentradi Shuttle line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Perfect Memory and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist