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VF-1J In Battroid Mode schematic (Master File Type)

VF-1A Fighter Mode schematics (Master File Type)

VF-1 Valkyrie (Variable Fighter Master File)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: all-environment variable fighter and tactical combat battroid
Government: U.N. Spacy, U.N. Navy, U.N. Space Air Force
Manufacturer: Shinnakasu Heavy Industries (VF-1J); Northrom (VF-1A)
Cost: not publicly disclosed, but reported as approx 20 times that of a standard Destroid
Introduction: November 2007
Operational Deployment: February 7, 2009
Accommodation: pilot only in Marty & Beck Mk-7 zero/zero ejection seat
  • Battroid Mode: height 12.68 meters; width 7.3 meters; length 4.0 meters
  • Fighter Mode: height 3.74 meters; length 14.23 meters
  • Fighter Mode Wingspan:
  • (fully extended 20°) 14.3 meters
  • (swept backward 46°) 12.3 meters
  • (overswept backward 72°) 8.2 meters
  • (in stowage position at 122°) 4.4 meters
  • GERWALK Mode: height 8.7 meters; length 11.3 meters
  • Mass: empty 13.25 metric tons; standard T-O 18.5 metric tons; slush hydrogen fuel internal tank capacity is 1,410 litres; 119.85 kg total weight derived from a mass of 0.085 kg/L (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 2, pg. 16, 24, 28)
    Structure: space metal frame, SWAG energy conversion armor
    Power Plant: two Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2001 thermonuclear reaction turbine engines, output 650 MW each
    Propulsion: 11,500 kg [x g] x 2; or 23,000 kg [x g] x 2 in overboost (225.63 kN x 2 overboost); 4 x Shinnakasu Heavy Industry NBS-1 high-thrust vernier thrusters (1 x counter reverse vernier thruster nozzle mounted on the side of each leg nacelle/air intake, 1 x wing thruster roll control system on each wingtip); 18 x P&W LHP04 low-thrust vernier thrusters beneath multipurpose hook/handles; 8,333 kgf total output (81.75 kN) for 3 x auxiliary engines (Rockets), stowed rear ventral hull in Fighter, deployed rear torso in Battroid (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 20)
    Thrust-to-weight ratio: empty 3.47; standard T-O 2.49; maximum T-O 1.24
  • Battroid Mode: maximum walking speed 160 km/h
  • Fighter Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 2.71; at 30,000+ m Mach 3.87; unaided service ceiling is 101,200 meters (101.2 kilometers) at a climb velocity of 2.1 km/s (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 92)
  • GERWALK Mode: maximum walking speed 100 km/h; flying 500 km/h
  • g limit: in space +7
    Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; variable geometry wing; vertical take-off and landing; control-configurable vehicle; single-axis thrust vectoring; three "magic hand" manipulators for maintenance use; retractable canopy shield for Battroid mode and atmospheric reentry; option of GBP-1S system, atmospheric-escape booster, or FAST Pack system
  • Min time from Fighter to GERWALK (automated): approx. 1.5 sec.
  • Min time from GERWALK to Battroid (automated): under 2 sec.
  • Standard time from Fighter to Battroid (automated): under 5 sec.
  • Min time from Fighter to Battroid (manual): 0.9 sec.
  • - Armament -
  • 2 x Fixed Mauler RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannons, firing 6,000 pulses per minute each; output is rated at 5,000 kW (5 MW); output is per cannon barrel (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 45)
  • 1 x Howard GU-11 55 mm three-barrel Gatling gun pod with just under 200 rds (180 rds is a common load) at a variable rate-of-fire of 30/80/1,600 rds/min; muzzle velocity 2,000 m/s; nominal "effective range" of 1,100 m (1.1 km); projectile margin of error is 200-300 mm (20-30 cm) (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 52, 53)
  • Bombs & Missiles:
  • 4 x underwing hard points for 12 x AMM-1 hybrid guided multipurpose missiles (3/point)
  • or 12 x MK-82 LDGB conventional bombs (3/point)
  • or 6 x RMS-1 large anti-ship reaction missiles (2/outboard point, 1/inboard point)
  • or 4 x UUM-7 micro-missile pods (1/point) each carrying 15 x Bifors HMM-01 micro-missiles
  • or a combination of above load-outs
  • Optional Armament:
  • Shinnakasu Heavy Industry GBP-1S ground-combat protector weapon system
  • or Shinnakasu Heavy Industry FAST Pack augmentative space weapon system
  • GU-11 Gun Pod Ammunition Types:
  • Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot-Depleted Uranium (APDS-DU) kinetic penetrator only
  • Armor Piercing-Tracer (AP-T) kinetic penetrator only
  • Solid Shell (SS) kinetic penetrator only
  • High-Explosive Anti-Conversion Armor (HEACA) kinetic penetrator with explosive charge
  • Multipurpose (MP) is for use against a mixture of conventional and OTM vehicles

  • Description and History

    The Variable Fighter Master Files are a book series that details information about one class of Variable Fighter per book, in this case the original VF-1 Valkyrie. The translated disclaimer on page 128 of the Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1 states: "The Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie is a technological history and research book about the VF-1 Valkyrie that appears in the Macross series. It is not official setting material and is written based on the book published in the Macross universe in 2020." Since the content of the Variable Fighter Master File series is outside continuity, trivia may be excluded if it is directly contradicted by any official Macross continuity source, such as the animated productions, the original Macross art books or the Macross Chronicle. Information from the Variable Fighter Master File series may be a useful guide for the Macross universe but not treated as official fact. Rather than color code portions of the Variable Fighter Master File into each of the many VF-1 Valkyrie profiles on the Macross Mecha Manual, a dedicated profile detailing the more stat-worthy trivia from the book is detailed in this webpage.

    The VF-1 Valkryie was built from 2006 to 2013 producing a total of 5,459 variable fighters. The specific production of VF-1 Valkyries by type is as follows: VF-1A = 5,093, VF-1D = 85, VF-1J = 49, VF-1S = 30, VF-1G = 12, VE-1 = 122 and VT-1 = 68 (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 55)

    NOTE: The VF-1X Plus has a slightly improved thrust output for the backpack mounted auxiliary engines used in Battroid mode. VF-1X Plus thrust output for the three auxiliary engines (rockets) is 8,520 kgf total output (83.58 kN). These auxiliary engines are stowed in the rear ventral hull in Fighter, deployed rear torso in Battroid (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 20)

    Addendum: The VF-1 Valkyrie artwork within the Variable Fighter Master File appears drafted to different proportions than the original line art, likely because the original VF-1 Valkyrie was drawn somewhat unrestricted by absolute physical dimensions from one mode to the next. As such, some of the dimensions of the VF-1 Valkyrie are different from the original line art (Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 20-23, 30)

    Production Notes

    Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 1
    Pilot(s): Hikaru Ichijo, Maximilian Jenius, Milia Fallyna Jenius, Mylene Flare Jenius, Rex, Gamlin Kizaki
    Other Appearances: Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Macross Dynamite 7, Macross Frontier
    Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori

    Line Art

  • none

  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Additional information from: Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1 (2009)
    Additional information from: Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 2 (2010)
    Images From - Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist