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F203 Dragon II (Roy Focker colors)
McNell Douglar F203 Dragon II Fighter

Technical Data

Equipment Type: air-superiority fighter
Government: U.N. Forces
Manufacturer: McNell Douglar
Introduction: August 2001
Operational Deployment: 2003
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: length 17.3 meters
Mass: standard T-O 18.8 metric tons
Structure: space metal frame
Propulsion: two conventional turbojet engines
Performance: max level velocity Mach 2.8
Design Features: two-dimensional thrust vectoring primary engiens with ventral jets for vertical take-off and landing plus improved maneuverability; Heads-Up Display
- Armament -
  • 2 x 30mm gatling cannons (mounted one in each wing root); originally the Macross Compendium listed these cannons as 16mm guns; line art in This Is Animation Macross Vol. 2 indicates the guns are 30mm weapons and the Macross Chronicle 2E SDF Macross Mechanic Sheet 18A confirms the 30mm caliber
    Bombs & Missiles:
  • 6 x hybrid guided self-homing missiles (3/under-wing mount)

  • Description and History

    During development of OverTechnology gained via research of the fallen Alien Space Ship-1, the U.N. Government decided to attempt incorporating early discoveries into existing human technology. Destroids and variable fighters were still several years away from being realized so the new technologies developed by the OTEC research institute would be used to build a fighter called the F203 Dragon II. The F203 began design only a year and a half after the establishment of OTEC and was formally adopted as the main fighter of the U.N. Forces in 2003. Built as a delta wing aircraft with OverTechnology, the F203 was stronger, faster and more efficient than previous fighter aircraft. The craft was much more maneuverable than conventional fighter aircraft and was light despite equipment for V/STOL capabilities. Roy Focker flew an F203 during his service as a fighter pilot in the United Nations Wars.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 33
    Pilot(s): Roy Focker
    Other appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori

    Line Art

  • F203 Dragon II line art
  • F203 Dragon II line art (Roy Focker Type)
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Perfect Memory and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist