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Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk

Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk (detailed)

Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk Weapon Key
Viggers/Chrauler MBR-04-Mk VI Tomahawk Main Battle Robot

Technical Data

Equipment Type: main battle robot, series 04
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: Viggers/Chrauler
Introduction: February 2007
Accommodation: pilot only (see note below)
Dimensions: height 12.7 meters (overall), 11.27 meters (up to head unit); length 5.1 meters; width 7.9 meters
Mass: 31.3 metric tons
Power Plant: Kranss-Maffai MT808 thermonuclear reactor developing 2800 bhp; auxiliary generator GE EM9G fuel generator rated at 450 kW
Propulsion: 2 x thrust nozzles mounted in the lower back region, allowing the capability to perform jumps
Performance: maximum speed 180 km/h
Design Features: detachable weapons bay (attaches to the main body via two main locks); extending/retractable periscope telescope (in weapon bay directly above the cockpit); option pack featuring missiles or searchlight (can be mounted directly behind the beam cannon mount on either side of the weapon bay); coolant tank (installed within the upper left side of the back torso); capable of performing jumps via 2 x thrust nozzles (mounted in the lower back torso); radiators with exhaust ports (installed in the rear on the left and right hips); lights installed in every section of the unit; forward cockpit can be separated from the body in an emergency (only the cockpit block is recovered); head unit equipped with 2 camera eyes, upper eye moving along a slit, polarized light shield covering the lower camera eye was red in the experimental and early mass-production type, and green in the mass production type
- Armament -
  • 2 x Mauler PBG-11 liquid-cooled electrically-charged particle beam gun (targeting TV eye mounted in the base of each gun; both arms can be aimed/fired independently)
  • 2 x Ramington (Remmington) M-89 12.7 mm air-cooled MG (machine gun, mounted within the head unit)
  • 2 x Astra TZ-III gun cluster with each cluster featuring the following: 1 x laser gun, 1 x 25 mm MG (machine gun), 1 x 180 mm grenade launcher, 1 x flamethrower
  • Bombs & Missiles:
  • 2 x Bifors close-in self-guided rocket launchers with 12 rockets per launcher (24 rockets total)
  • 1 x Erlikon anti-aircraft self-guided missile option pack with 6 missiles

  • Description and History

    The MBR-04 series were the first combat-ready Destroids and the most successful land-combat weapon Destroids that were built with OverTechnology of Macross. The abbreviation MBR (Main Battle Robot) indicates the model was developed as a walking humanoid weapon emphasizing the heavy armor firepower of an artillery combat vehicle, designed to replace mainline battle tanks. Despite inferior anti-aircraft abilities, the Tomahawk boasts firepower that leads the Destroid series. The MBR Mk I original designation was the Destroid, but once its systems became the basis for other models, this first model became the Mark One. The MBR-04-Mk I's weaponry consisted of rocket launchers and two arms for use in close-quarters combat. Eventually the Tomahawk arms became fixed armaments unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat and thus it was best fielded in a combined arms role with cooperating Destroid models. The potential of the Type 04 lead to concurrent development of models that became the prototypes of affiliated Destroids of the 04 series.

    The Type 04 series was developed jointly by Viggers and Chrauler and became the basis of the MBR-04-MkVI Tomahawk. Unlike the variable fighters (which had to be designed to accommodate transformation mechanisms), the MBR series featured a structure with a large capacity that allowed plenty of room for machinery. The main frame from the waist down is common to the Type 04 series, a module which consolidates the thermonuclear reactor and ambulatory system OverTechnology of the Destroids. Production line integration using this module was a key goal of Destroid development. The Type 04 design lead to expansion of installed armaments and achieved improvement in productivity and serviceability which contributed to the rapid development of the Destroid variations such as the Defender. Projectile resistance was stressed in the design but the Tomahawk did not have the armor strength to withstand a direct hit from a Zentradi mobile weapon. The Tomahawk made use of heaviness to add firepower and versatility such that it came to symbolize those features of the Destroid.

    The Type 01 through Type 03 completed trial production and the Type 04 of the Destroid ambulatory weapons was finally developed from Overtechnology from the fallen Macross, but by this time the United Nations War was nearly over. First development began in May 2001 (2002, Macross Chronicle 2E Mechanic Sheet TV UN 08A) and trial production began in December 2003. The decision to formally introduce the MBR-04 series of Destroids was made in June 2006, mass production began and the MBR-04-Mk I rollout occurred in February 2007. The Mk VI Tomahawk's and Mk X Defender's rollouts were in November 2007 and March 2009, respectively. The Mk IV achieved excellent results in maneuvers and an enhanced output Mk VI shifted into mass production. Eventually, a considerable number of 500 units (reduced to 440) were deployed aboard the SDF-1 Macross. Most of the Destroid Tomahawks were deployed upon the surface of SDF-1 to perform interception and also operate as an immediate combat force. The Tomahawk operated as a core ground combat unit during the Great Stellar War (Space War I) and - when paired with the VF-1 variable fighter - achieved impressive military gains against the Zentradi army.

    NOTE: The Macross Chronicle 2nd edition (DeAgostini version) notes the Destroid Tomahawk has "2 crew" (Macross Chronicle 2E Mechanic Sheet TV UN 08A). The Macross Chronicle does mention a mechanic so it is unclear if "2 crew" means a mechanic and a pilot, or two pilots. The original technical trivia for the Tomahawk states only a single pilot operates the Destroid. All other destroids are also single-pilot vehicles (with the exception of the Destroid Monster). The original line art, the Yamato plastic toy and the original animated series also confirm the Destroid Tomahawk having but a single pilot (a single pilot is also confirmed in the manga Macross The First, published by KADOKAWA from 2009-2015). It is unknown why this "2 crew" trivia was added to the Macross Chronicle Tomahawk profile but the Destroid is clearly a single-pilot vehicle based upon all official trivia, official line art and official products/merchandise.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 6
    Pilot(s): no notables
    Other appearances: Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?
    Original mechanical designer: Kazutaka Miyatake

    Line Art

  • MBR-04-Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk line art #1
  • MBR-04-Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk line art #2
  • MBR-04-Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk schematics
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