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Mk XII Phalanx

Mk XII Phalanx (detailed)

Mk XII Phalanx Weapon Key

Mk XII Phalanx (Blue Type)
(revised version by C. Wilson, original by Richard Pollard)

SDR-04-Mk XII Phalanx Space Defense Robot

Technical Data

Equipment Type: space defense robot
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: Macross Onboard Factories
Introduction: December 2009
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: height 12.05 meters (11.27 meters ground to searchlight); length 5.1 meters; width 10.8 meters
Mass: 47.2 metric tons
Power Plant: Kranss-Maffai MT828 thermonuclear reactor developing 2800 shp; auxillary Shinnakasu Industry CT 03 minature thermonuclear generator, output rated at 970 kW
Propulsion: thermonuclear propulsion nozzles
Design Features: 1 x Texco DARDA-3C electronic system (radar system installed in the torso can be used for attack via direct gamma-ray irradiation, however if output is foolishly large, injury to the pilot can occur within the cockpit); large three-part positionable (variable-focus) laser searchlight (pivoting light capable of 90 degree incline/decline)
- Armament -
Bombs & Missiles:
  • 2 x Howard SHIN-SHM-10 Derringer short-range high-maneuverability self-guided missile pods with 22 missiles each (mounted one per arm)
  • Optional Armament:
  • 1 x gatling gun (head mounted on variant units)

  • Description and History

    The Space Defense Robot (SDR) Phalanx Mk XII was hurriedly developed during SDF-1 Macross's year-long maiden voyage for fleet defense of the CVS-101 Prometheus and the SLV-111 Daedalus after they had been converted for space use. The SDR-04-MK XII was designed specifically for space to defend the SDF-1 Macross, along with its sister unit, the ADR-04-Mk X Destroid Defender. Development of the SDR-04-MK XII occurred in July 2009 and the rollout was in December of that year (first rollout was July 2009 and rollout began December, Macross Chronicle 2E Mechanic Sheet TV UN 09B) Approximately 20 (or more) Phalanx destroids were built aboard the SDF-1 Macross shipboard factories.

    The newly designed body for the Phalanx was hastily built by combining replacement/repair parts for the MBR-04 Destroid (already loaded onboard the SLV-111 Daedalus) with a simple upper body core structure that neglected any silliness for a weapon composition consisting of missiles, radar, and propulsion system mounted on the main rotating body. Utilizing a simple structure that depended upon a thermonuclear power system and a simplified targeting and delivery system for guided armaments, the Phalanx specialized in close defense and space operations. Due to the simple design of the SDR-04-Mk XII, this destroid could be mass-produced inside the SDF-1 Macross and perform as a substitution deployment for the much more complex ADR-04-Mk X Destroid Defender. The Phalanx utilizes the MBR-04 ambulatory system and because of that, it shares a common hip and leg structure with both the MBR-04-Mk VI Destroid Tomahawk and Defender. The SDR-04-Mk XII does suffer from the disadvantage of a shorter drive when it utilizes the thermonuclear propulsion nozzles. Also, the Phalanx combat operation capability decreases substantially once the missile ordnance is exhausted. A model equipped with gatling guns mounted within the head exists (as well as other variations) but the large majority of the Phalanx units are equipped with missiles.

    The Phalanx despite greater mobility in space than any other destroid was not deployed until later in the first Stellar War (Space War I) and thus did not achieve any remarkable military gains. Post-Space War I, Phalanx destroids were deployed as part of defense forces on military bases. Due to its mobility, the Destroid Phalanx operated on ground as well as in space (Macross Chronicle 2E Mechanic Sheet TV UN 09B).

    Production Notes

    Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 27 (appears again in Episodes 31, 34)
    Pilot(s): no notables
    Other appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Kazutaka Miyatake

    Line Art

  • SDR-04-Mk XII Destroid Phalanx line art
  • SDR-04-Mk XII Destroid Phalanx schematics
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross Episode 27 screen capture
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Perfect Memory and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist