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Mk II Monster
Viggers/Centinental HWR-00 Monster Mk II Heavy Weight Robot

Technical Data

Equipment Type: mobile artillery heavy weight robot
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: Viggers/Centinental
Introduction: September 2008
Accommodation: three crew (commander seated center, driver seated right and gunner seated left)
Dimensions: height 22.46 meters; length 41.0 meters; width 24.0 meters
Mass: 285.5 metric tons
Power Plant: Galland WT 1001 thermonuclear reactor developing 11500 bhp; auxillary Shinnakasu Industry CT 8P thermonuclear reactor developing 890 bhp
Design Features: 4 x aiming-sight cameras (two mounted forward on the sides and two mounted rear on the sides); 1 x periscope (mounted on cockpit hatch); 1 x rear dozer unit
- Armament -
  • 4 x Viggers 40cm liquid-cooled cannons with a 160 kilometer range and 28 rounds total (mounted on top)
  • 2 x Raitheon LSSN-20G 3-barrel ground-to-ground missile launchers with a 300+ kilometer range and 12 rounds total (mounted one per arm unit)

  • Description and History

    An immense mecha, the Heavy Weight Robot (HWR) Monster Mk II is a heavily armed "land battleship"; a name that matches the great size of the destroid. Very shortly after the initial research into the destroids began in 2000 the HWR-00 series began development in December that year. After a lengthy design phase trial production began in October 2005 and the HWR-00 Monster first rollout was in September 2008. The Monster is the largest mobile ground weapon to ever be fielded in battle by mankind, over 41 meters long and weighing almost 300 tons. The Monster was envisioned as a trackless, self-propelled heavy weapon system to be utilized for attack and point defense. In actuality, the Monster's massive size, poor maneuverability and dedicated long-range weaponry saw the mecha used as a semi-mobile artillery unit best utilized while avoiding uneven ground and any close-range engagement. When put to best use with supporting units in a combined arms role, the Monster is able to field incredible firepower equal to strategic bombing.

    The Monster was originally designed to use 50cm linear cannons, but was scaled down with smaller guns when problems arose with system strength and insufficient power for continuous firing. Armed with four 40cm cannons, the Monster can fire a variety of munitions with the primary guns, including anti-armor shells, anti-aircraft munitions, howitzers and even nuclear reaction warheads (OverTechnology reaction warheads have a variable explosive yield rated at between 0.1 kilotons to 50 kilotons). In addition to the main guns, the Mk II features a pair of 3-barreled missile launchers not originally included in the design but incorporated into the two arm units. To compensate for the Monster's vulnerabilities such as the intense heat emissions of the unit (which prevented effective use of counter measures such as chaff or smoke), the armor was designed to be extremely thick and even capable of withstanding a near hit from a reaction weapon.

    Though mass-produced like the other destroids, only two Monster Mk II units were onboard the SDF-1 Macross during the outbreak of Space War I. During the conflict, the Macross onboard factories made use of equipment for several more Monster mecha and produced a third unit to accompany the original two. Most of the other Monster units were destroyed by orbital bombardment from the Zentradi fleet. The few Monster Mk II units aboard the SDF-1 Macross distinguished themselves as very capable war machines during Space War I. While many destroid units suffered heavy losses, most of the Monsters aboard the ship remained in active service during the war. Near the end of the war the Monster was distinguished yet again by utilizing the capability to launch reaction warheads in battle against the Bodol Zer Main Fleet in February 2010.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 5
    Pilot(s): no notables
    Other Appearances: Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Macross Plus, Macross 7
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • Monster Mk II rear view
  • Monster Mk II line art
  • cockpit interior details
  • Monster Mk II schematics front and back
  • Monster Mk II schematics profile
  • Monster Mk II schematics top
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Perfect Memory and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist