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Swordfish II
Swordfish II

Technical Data

Equipment Type: customized MONO racer and spaceplane
Government: privately owned
Accommodation: pilot only in ejectable cockpit pod
Dimensions: length 13.8 meters; width 13.3 meters; height 4.8 meters
Mass: full 8.4 metric tons.
Power Plant: nuclear fusion aero spike engine with modified booster nozzle
Propulsion: many x directional and lift thrusters; 1 x reverse thrust vectoring plane (mounted on aft booster)
Design Features: MONO computer; cockpit pod with manually operated low-thrust verniers, a short range booster and variable tint transparent hull: 2 x general purpose towing cables (mounted one in each wing)
- Armament -
  • 4 x internal medium range machine guns (mounted over and under in each actuating wingtip fence)
  • 1 x high-powered plasma cannon in turret (mounted on ventral side of the fuselage)
  • Optional Armament:
  • variable range missiles (mounted one per hardpoint on each outside wing edge)

  • Description and History

    An old MONO racer, this spaceplane has been modified and refitted extensively to give the craft superior performance and handling. Named the Swordfish II, this racer has been used for over a decade by bounty hunter Spike Spiegel and is well suited for his dangerous line of work. The incredible speed of the Swordfish II enables the craft to rapidly overtake most other aircraft/spacecraft and the ship features numerous high-powered thrusters allowing for quick stops and instant changes in flight. These thrusters grant the craft V/STOL capabilities, lifting into the air with very little need for launch space. When landed, the two wings can be folded up and overtop the craft to make the Swordfish II easy to store inside a hanger or ship bay. Like most one-man MONO craft, the Swordfish II features a fully enclosed cockpit pod which can launch from the main body and has limited space flight capabilities.

    Utilizing the MONO system (Machine Operation & Navigation of Outer space) the Swordfish II can travel in an atmosphere or in space and is capable of both achieving orbit and atmospheric re-entry. The ship was originally owned and operated by Spike's friend Doohan, who was responsible for most of the high performance modifications made to the ship. The fusion engine uses a standard aero drive but has been modified with a booster nozzle, which acts as a short-range impulse drive. For use in combat, the Swordfish II carries four, sealed internal machine guns for short to medium range firing and one turret mounted, high-powered plasma cannon attached to the ventral side of the fuselage for long range attack. The racer also has the option of using missiles on the two hardpoints mounted on the outside edge of each wing, though Spiegel's frequent lack of funds means such weapons are a rare luxury. Though the ship is well used and appears heavily abused, the Swordfish II is a very robust craft, rarely letting the pilot down. While Spike is an amateur mechanic at best, his more mechanically adept partner Jet tries to keep the craft in as good a shape as the pair's exploits will allow.

    Production Notes

    Debut Cowboy Bebop, Episode 1
    Pilot(s): Spike Spiegel, Doohan
    Other appearances: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door (film)
    Original mechanical designer: Kimitoshi Yamane

    Line Art

  • Swordfish II exterior detail
  • landing configuration and landing gear detail
  • exterior cockpit section
  • control pod details
  • Swordfish II line art
  • Images taken from the book Newtype 100% Cowboy Bebop The After
    Additional images taken from the book 140 Page Sketch Book (Blu-Ray Set)
    Information taken from the internet
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist