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Junchoon (Engage Series: SR-2)

Last Junchoon (October Destroyed Kid)
(redrawn by 2ngaw, colors by C. Wilson)

Junchoon (Engage Series: SR-2)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: Engage Series: SR-2
Alternate Names: Judgement Mirage, sometimes called "Juh-noon", First Sally Type (original design)
Government: Trio de Colus
Designer: (Mortar Headd Meight) Colus XXIII
Manufacturer: Colus Empire
Introduction: unknown
Operational Deployment: unknown
No. of models produced: 1
Accommodation: two, headdliner pilot plus fatima co-pilot
Dimensions: shoulder height 14.5 meters
Mass: 122.0 metric tons
Structure: neo-chitin regenerative organic armor
Power Plant: 1 x optical fusion ezlazer external combustion engine (original Berlin-type); approx. output 1.1 trillion HP (820,600,000 MW or 820 terawatts); 2 x optical fusion ezlazer external combustion engines, upgrade (serial No. AKD0037, LED Mirage-type); approx. output 2.3 trillion HP
(1,715,800,000 MW or 1.715 petawatts); possibly up to 3.3 trillion HP
Propulsion: full flight system, capable of high maneuverability atmospheric flight (limits unknown)
Performance: maximum land speed unknown
g limit: anti-gravity cockpit protects both pilot and fatima against g-forces
Design Features: 2 x arm guards (mounted one per forearm); fully coordinated human operated analogue control system; electroencephalo HMI helmet
- Armament -
Standard Weapons:
  • 1 x "Peidol Spire", a powerful, long-range beam weapon in the shape of a lance (mounted within the veil)
  • the Junchoon also features a typical arsenal of mortar headd weaponry including lasers, grenades, missiles, machine guns, S-mines, speids and spaads

  • Description and History

    Flag mortar headd of the Trio de Colus, the Junchoon is one of the galaxy’s most powerful electric knights. The original Junchoon – designed by Colus XXIII - was referred to as the Junchoon First Sally Type and initially was known to be underpowered. The standard Berlin engine within the original Junchoon was insufficient to power simultaneous operation of both the flight booster and the Peidol Spire (various other systems also suffered insufficient power). Although Junchoon suffered an underwhelming beginning it was later refitted by Ladios Sop to provide a much need power boost. Once outfitted with two AKD0037 LED Mirage ezlazer engines the Junchoon was known as the Judgement Mirage. Ladios Sop commented that his upgrade of the Junchoon may have unexpectedly created the most powerful mortar head in the galaxy. The Junchoon is also fitted with a full flight system and is highly maneuverable in atmospheric flight.

    Despite being one of the premier mortar heads the Junchoon has a rather dramatic operational history. The underpowered capabilities of the original Junchoon lead to a disastrous first deployment, in which it was nearly destroyed during an engagement against the Yellow Boowray. Following the refit the Junchoon was again involved in a pitched battle at the end of the Colus-Hagooda War. In the final battle of the war the Junchoon was seriously damaged by a Siren F. The armor around the head unit was torn apart and revealed the Junchoon had a human-like face underneath. The Junchoon would again rebound to win the battle and that decisive victory would end the war. Finally in JC 4000 the Junchoon would once again undergo a refit before facing off against the Knight of Gold II. This final version was sometimes called the Last Junchoon and also ODK (October Destroyed Kid).

    Production Notes

    Debut: The Five Star Stories serial, Newtype Magazine 1985
    Pilot(s): Amaterasu No Mikado/Ladios Sopp, Lachesis, First Eastern Mirage Corps
    Other appearances: The Five Star Stories (manga series)
    Original mechanical designer: Mamoru Nagano

    Line Art

  • none
  • Information & Images taken from The Five Star Stories (English Volume 7, 2003)
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist