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Jagd Mirage "Green Demon"
(Mirage E: AUSF E1 [L] Type)

Jagd Mirage "Green Demon"
with LED Mirage for comparison

Jagd Mirage "Green Demon"
torso detail

Jagd Mirage "Green Demon"
with "Twin Tower" EB-501 Buster Launchers

Jagd Mirage "Green Demon"
with "Twin Tower" EB-501 Buster Launchers
more detail

Jagd Mirage "Green Demon" (Mirage E: AUSF E1 [L] Type)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: Mirage E: Mirage AUSF E1 [L]; Alphabet No. D-9; Serial No. 0020;
Alternate Names: Green Demon (Hunting Illusion), Imperial Mirage
Government: Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes, Royal Family Grees, First Eastern Mirage Corps; Green Left Section
Designer: (Mortar Headd Meight) Ladios Sopp/Amaterasu no Mikado
Manufacturer: Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes, Floating Temple, Kallzark District
Introduction: J.C. 2992 (first assembly)
Operational Deployment: J.C. 3007 (official unveiling); J.C. 3159 (first battlefield appearance)
No. of models produced: 1 regular
Accommodation: two, headdliner pilot plus fatima co-pilot (optional Etriml non-humanoid co-pilot)
Dimensions: height (without launchers) 43.9 meters; height (with launchers) 201.8 meters; height varies +/- 1.0 meters due to suspension adjustments
Mass: without launchers, 388.0 metric tons; internal liquids, gas, oil are 12.3 metric tons; battle weight without launchers 402.0 metric tons; with launchers, 789.7 metric tons (includes 2 x active veils, 2 x muzzle reflectors, 3 x Biralkemas and 1 x auxiliary launcher); battle weight with launchers 797.0 metric tons + 32.0 metric tons (44 x buster cartridges and 2 x Liechtenstein lancer poles)
Structure: neo-chitin regenerative organic armor, front torso armor thickness 330mm
Power Plant: two optical fusion ezlazer external combustion engines Serial No. Akd 0020A and Akd 0020B; normal output 3.3 trillion HP (2,461,800,000 MW or 2.461 petawatts); maximum output is not measurable in three dimensional space (if tested, spatial destruction results)
Propulsion: flight and hovering capability, limits unknown
Performance: maximum land speed unknown (refer to addendum in Knight of Gold profile);
g limit: anti-gravity cockpit protects both pilot and fatima against g-forces
Design Features: 2 x stabilizers (long and tail-like, mounted left/right upon the top rear torso); 2 x plasma and many x electronic computers (data processing equipment); 2 x device compressors; 2 x function sequencers; 8 x function generators; 16 x drive motors; 4 x source expanders; 4 x regenerators; 108 limiter gate samplers; 4 x ezlaser function rocket motors; 36 x 16 reverberators; beacon and laser communications; complex drive train system including gas/oil/hydraulic power, gears, pistons, actuators and cables; generator-use air barrier & air buster; fully coordinated human operated analogue control system; electroencephalo HMI helmet
- Armament -
Standard Weapons:
  • 2 x 30mm eyeball coaxial lasers (mounted within main face eye sensors)
  • 6 x 30mm six-shot repeating laser cannons
  • 36 x 20mm laser cannons
  • 58 x 180mm grenade launchers (includes smoke and chaff grenades)
  • 2 x main and 4 x auxiliary reflectors
  • 4 x Air Buster launchers
  • 6 x Air Barriers
  • 8 x Barrier Shield generators
  • 2 x Bal-Valahs
  • 2 x Air Slicers
  • 4 x Seismic Vibrators
  • 1 x Flame Launcher
  • 2 x Spaads
  • 1 x Metrotek Chrome Speid, 26 meters long (mounted without sheath upon left hip skirt armor)
  • Buster Units:
  • 2 x 2004mm Polygonal Barrel System Buster Launchers EB-501 (mounted upon right/left top rear torso)
  • 1 x 600mm Polygonal Barrel System Buster Launcher BB-99 (auxiliary launcher, mounted left rear torso)
  • Optional Armament and Equipment:
  • 1 x 30mm Close range Biralkema laser machinegun system
  • 2 x 30mm anti-aircraft Biralkema laser machinegun systems
  • 6 x Ballistic Course Adjustment Main Battery Laser Guide
  • 2 x Main Active Veils
  • 1 x Laser Reflector
  • 2 x 30mm laser cannons
  • 1 x Anti-MH mace
  • 5 x 120mm homing devices (missiles?)
  • Complement Equipment/Mortar Headds:
  • 6 x Bodyguard Robot "Ejectors"
  • 1 x Rouge Mirage (Mirage A)
  • 1 x Support LED Mirage (Mirage BJ)
  • 1 x LED Mirage (Mirage B)

  • Description and History

    The massive Jagd Mirage represents the pinnacle of Mortar Headd technological achievement within the Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes and was the most devastating weapon designed by Mortar Headd meight Amaterasu no Mikado. A monster among giants, the "Green Demon" is a truly enormous war machine standing almost three times as high as the average 15-meter-tall Mortar Headd. Ensuring combat performance of such a large machine necessitated building a skeletonized frame, a frame that is functional but bestows upon the Jagd Mirage a rather emaciated appearance. The Green Demon's armor is only marginally thicker than a standard Mortar Headd, resulting in a Mirage not that much more difficult to damage than any other Mortar Headd. These design compromises allow the Jagd Mirage to move as swiftly and become as deadly as the best Mortar Headds even in spite of its gigantic stature.

    The Jagd Mirage has the size and firepower that naturally make it the most obvious target on any battlefield. To compensate for this, the Jagd Mirage has the most weapons of any Mortar Headd in existence as well as several additional capabilities suited to its design and function. The main weapon mounted on the Jagd Mirage is a pair of 20.04 cm (2004 mm) EB-501 Buster Launchers, the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. The "Twin Tower" Buster Launchers of the Jagd Mirage are so destructive that a single shot from one cannon was sufficient to destroy 5% of the planet Both. The Buster Launchers are easily capable of destroying large asteroids or moons and when deployed correctly, they can penetrate down to a planets core to destroy the core and thus, an entire world. So powerful are the Buster Launchers that nothing within 500 meters of the Jagd can survive the muzzle blast, forcing all support Mortar Headds to leave the area (the Jagd Mirage itself uses two active veils for protection). The immense Buster Launchers (which weigh 400+ metric tons) would severely encumber any Mortar Headd and so the ezlaser system is used for support. When not firing the buster launchers, power from the ezlazer is used to suspend the Twin Towers such that they effectively float when mounted upon the pelvis, allowing maneuverability as good as if the Buster Launchers incurred no additional weight upon the Mortar Headd.

    Aside from the main weapons, a veritable arsenal of Anti-MH weaponry is mounted both upon the Buster Launchers and the Jagd Mirage itself. For melee combat the Jagd Mirage is armed with a huge metrotekachrome speid larger than any Mortar Headd (a swing from the Jagd Mirage speid can reach to as far as 30 meters) and two spaads mounted within the armor on each hip. The "Double Nippon-toh" style speid can easily dispatch any Mortar Headd with a single stroke and indeed it dispatched Maiya Sukat's heavy armor Zakker with one mighty swing. In addition to all the numerous other weapons the Green Demon has a pair of 30mm coaxial lasers mounted within the eyes on the head. The Jagd Mirage also features two large active veils carried by the collapsible co-arms built into the Mortar Headd's structure (two co-arms built into each forearm/bicep and two co-legs built into each hip for a total of 4 co-arms). The two active veils are ideal for intercepting artillery aimed at the Buster Launchers but also feature reflectors for repelling laser ordnance. When not carrying veils the co-arms can also wield weapons but the co-arms primary function is to stabilize the Jagd Mirage, dampening recoil and countering instability during use of the Buster Launchers. The Twin Towers feature an independent array of weapons that include an auxillary buster launcher (full sized, but similar to the truncated launcher on the Knight of Gold) and four Biralkema laser machine guns (two mounted forward for anti-Mortar Headd defense and two mounted top for anti-air defense). The Air buster channels the intense ezlaser exhaust to create earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves and other severe atmospheric disturbances around the Jagd Mirage as desired. Of the more unique features on the Jagd Mirage are the Ejectors. Six Ejectors - independent satellite drones - are deployed with the Jagd Mirage to patrol around it for reconnaissance and superior battlefield awareness.

    In spite of (or perhaps because of) the enormous financial and engineering resources to create the Jagd Mirage, only two were built; the [L]-Jagd Mirage (assigned to Green Left, nicknamed Green Demon) and the [R]-Dragon (assigned to Orange Right, nicknamed Orange Dragon). Contruction began in J.C. 2992 and the Jagd Mirage was officially revealed in J.C. 3007 after which these immense Mortar Headds would dominate the battlefield for nearly 1,000 years. The Green Demon was the first to appear on the battlefield fully armed when Amaterasu invaded the Trün Republic on Planet Addler in J.C. 3159. The truly frightening power of the Jagd Mirage and the buster launchers was eventually revealed when the Green Demon and Orange Dragon both combined their firepower to destroy the Planet Kalamity Godarce on J.C. 3960. The [L]-Jagd Mirage was piloted at times by Bugle de’Leizer (Schaft) & Fatima Parthenon, by Amaterasu dis Grees Sarion & Fatima Majer and lastly at once by Upandla Raymu & Fatima Parthenon. The [R]-Dragon was piloted by Headdliner F.U. Rognar and Fatima Eatta and later by Amaterasu-no-Mikado and Fatima Est.

    Production Notes

    Debut: The Five Star Stories serial, Newtype Magazine 1985
    Pilot(s): Amaterasu No Mikado/Ladios Sopp, Lachesis, First Eastern Mirage Corps
    Other appearances: The Five Star Stories (manga series)
    Original mechanical designer: Mamoru Nagano

    Line Art

  • Jagd Mirage Co-Arms
  • Jagd Mirage Co-Legs
  • Jagd Mirage Internal Frame
  • Jagd Mirage Buster Launchers
  • Information & Images taken from The Five Star Stories (English Volume 7, 2003)
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist.