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LED Mirage (Mirage B Type)

LED Mirage (without Flame Launcher Tank)

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LED Mirage (Mirage B Type)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: Mirage B (B-1)
Alternate Names: Mortar Headd (MH), Electric Knight, "God of Fury"
Government: Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes, Royal Family Grees, First Eastern Mirage Corps
Designer: (Mortar Headd Meight) Ladios Sopp
Manufacturer: Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes, Floating Temple, Kallzark District
Introduction: J.C. 2980
Operational Deployment: J.C. 2989
No. of models produced: 28 regular, 13 reserve
Accommodation: two, headdliner pilot plus fatima co-pilot (optional Etriml non-humanoid co-pilot)
Dimensions: total height 18.7 meters; shoulder height 15.2 meters; total width 9.5 meters
Mass: empty 112.7 metric tons; standard weight 120.0 metric tons; fully equipped 327.0 metric tons; battle weight unknown.
Structure: 358 x armor plated full motion assemblies (joints); 16 x electric motors; neo-chitin regenerative organic armor, chest armor thickness 300mm (would sustain a 5mm dent from 125mm APDS cannon shell fired from a 1km range); heat resistance 18,000 degrees centigrade.
Power Plant: two optical fusion ezlazer external combustion engines; idle output 1.2 million HP
(895.2 MW); normal output 2.3 trillion HP (1,715,800,000 MW or 1.715 petawatts); can attain an output of 3.3 trillion HP (2.461 PW) up to an unknown maximum output
Propulsion: optional Boomerang atmospheric flight unit; Luna War Booster space flight/FTL unit
Performance: maximum land speed unknown (refer to addendum in Knight of Gold profile); atmospheric flight speed is supersonic.
g limit: anti-gravity cockpit protects both pilot and fatima against g-forces
Design Features: beacon and laser communications; complex drive train system including gas/oil/hydraulic power, gears, pistons, actuators and cables; generator-use air barrier & air buster; bust-block for carrying veil (mounted on right arm); counterweight (mounted on top of head, chosen by headdliner, operates as leverage for laser cutter); fully coordinated human operated analogue control system; electroencephalo HMI helmet; 15 x barrier generators (to jam laser and radio communications); numerous optional accessories and equipment.
- Armament -
Standard Weapons:
  • 1 x Laser Cutter (single blade, mounted forward on head unit, features counterweight)
  • 4 x 15mm Anti-Materiel Lasers (emmission ports mounted 2 on face and 2 in chest)
  • 4 x 7mm Anti-Personnel Lasers (emmission ports mounted 2 on face and 2 in chest)
  • 2 x ball-mounted Demolition Blasters (mounted on chest)
  • 2 x ball-mounted Anti-Personnel Blasters (mounted on chest)
  • 12 x 50mm Anti-Personnel S-Mines; HE type (mounted on chest, shoulders and legs)
  • 4 x 150mm Grenade Launchers; choice of regular, AP or HE types (mounted two per forearm)
  • many x anti-aircraft missile launchers (compatible with above equipment)
  • 2 x Active and Wide-Range Laser Reflectors (mounted one on top of either side of chest)
  • 2 x Spadds (laser swords); option of up to 24 x spadds in 2 x sheaths (3 spadds per case with up to 4 cases per sheath)
  • 2 x Speids; metrotek chrome samurai-type longswords (attached to either side of upper skirt armor)
  • 32 x Smoke Dischargers (mounted in shoulders, arms and legs)
  • 2 x Chaff Dispensors; to block laser and radar guided missiles
  • Veil Mounted Weapons (Veil = the arm-carried shield of the Mortar Headd):
  • Veil length 10.5 meters; weight 21.2 metric tons; neo-chitin coating armor; 3 arm locks; missile scanner; sub-generator linked to main unit with 300 liters of luggage space
  • 1 x Nail; metrotek chrome slicer, pincher-style (mounted inside interior tip of veil)
  • 2 x 350mm Missile Launchers (1 round each, mounted in large ports in center of veil)
  • 8 x 120mm Missile Launchers (3 rounds each, mounted in two banks of four ports on edges of veil)
  • 2 x 180mm Laser Cannons (mounted in two inner ports next to large missile ports in center of veil)
  • 2 x 75mm Laser Launchers (mounted in two shutter ports forward of 120mm banks)
  • 2 x 250mm Heat Beam Artillery Blasters
  • 1 x 185mm AP Cannon, single-shot automatic with 8 rounds
  • 5 x smoke plates
  • Optional Armament and Equipment:
  • 1 x 210mm Flame Launcher; length 20 meters, weight 5.2 metric tons; holding tank width 10.7 meters, weight 15.7 metric tons, 4,345 liters of Liquid-R and 800 liters of gas compressed to 100x atmospheric pressure; maximum range 150 meters
  • 1 x Autolance; metrotek chrome, length 21.7 meters
  • 1 x Bal Valah laser guided boomerang (found on the Terror Mirage)
  • 1 x Biralkema machine laser blaster unit (with power supply)
  • 1 x Buster Faust, exchangeable with Flame Launcher (discontinued after development of Storm Mirage)
  • 1 x Boomerang Atmospheric Flight Unit, weight 30 metric tons
  • 1 x Luna Insterstellar war booster unit with FTL (faster-than-light) capability, weight 300 metric tons
  • 1 x Double Veil dual active veil system
  • 1 x Buster Launcher (includes launcher and loading components)

  • Description and History

    Mortar Headds (as they are known throughout the planets of the The Five Star Stories) are giant robotic war machines some 15 meters (50 feet) tall at the shoulder. Mortar Headd pilots are called Headdliners (naturally born but super human descendants of genetically engineered soldiers from eras past), co-pilots are called Fatimas (artifically grown humans that act as organic computers) and those that build Mortar Headds are called Meights. Meights are greatly valued engineers and artisans building mortar headds that perform as both national treasure and weapon of war. The greatest of these meights is Amaterasu No Mikado (aka Ladios Sopp), builder of the LED Mirage. The LED Mirage is the main heavy combat mortar headd of the AKD (Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes) based upon the planet Delta Belune. The LED Mirage is among those mortar headds considered the most powerful in the galaxy and has a staggering array of anti-MH weaponry that includes lasers, missiles, grenades, plasma weaponry and the many Spadds (laser swords) and Speids (metrotek chrome swords) befitting an Electric Knight.

    The LED Mirage was based upon the earlier Horned Mirage mortar headds, also built by mortar headd meight Amaterasu. Prior to the Horned Mirage, ezlazer engines were housed only within the torso of a mortar headd due to their size. In building the Horned Mirage Amaterasu greatly improved the total output of the mortar headd by mounting a generator within the Horned Mirage's veil and synchronizing it with the ezlazer engine in the torso. Accomplishing further advancements in miniaturization of the ezlazer engine, Amaterasu built smaller enhanced ezlazer engines inside each leg calve of the LED Mirage. The space saved by the use of these new engines provided more room inside the torso for generators and servos to produce additional power to such levels that the LED Mirage achieved double the output of most other standard mortar headds. The LED Mirage perhaps most fully exploits the incredible power of dual engines by utilizing a deadly weapon called the "Laser Cutter". This weapon, mounted forward upon the head unit with a counterweight in back, is a state-of-the-art heat blade that siphons power directly from the incredible engine output of the LED Mirage. When the laser cutter is charged it can direct nearly all the power from the LED Mirage into the blade and is capable of cleaving an enemy mortar head in half with the greatest of ease.

    The LED Mirage has a well deserved reputation as the most powerful mortar headd in the galaxy. The nearly mythic status enjoyed by the LED Mirage comes in large part from a versatility and adaptibility beyond the impressive engine performance. The LED Mirage has the capability of mounting a vast array of optional weapons and hardware such as the Flame Launcher with Liquid-R tank (close-range weapon so devastating that usage must have royal authorization), a Biralkema machine laser blaster (for artillery support roles), the Boomerang unit (providing full atmospheric flight capability at supersonic speeds) and the Luna unit (space flight unit allowing the LED Mirage to operate as an interstellar attack unit). From their first unofficial appearance in the Colus-Hagooda War on the planet Jüno in J.C. 2989 until their final appearance in J.C. 7777, the LED Mirage appeared upon the battlefield only half a dozen times and made only two other public appearances. So powerful were the LED Mirages that just 15 of these mortar headds were sufficient for Amaterasu to conquer the whole Galaxy.

    Addendum I: The LED Mirage is named after the LED Dragon that lives on Kastenpo. However, the meaning of "LED" is unknown. Some fans have speculated it means "Light Emitting Dragon" while others posit the word as homage to Led Zeppelin, a favorite band of creator Mamoru Nagano.

    Addendum II: Some published sources (such as The Five Star Stories English Vol. 7) incorrectly rate the LED Mirage power output at 2.3 billion horse power. In the original book of The Five Star Stories (Japanese Vol. 2) the LED Mirage power output is rated at 2,300,000,000,000 horse power which is 2.3 trillion horse power. More recent published sources claim the LED Mirage output as 3.3 trillion horse power. Since the maximum output of the LED Mirage is unknown, this profile uses the original 2.3 trillion HP output and will state the upper limit output as reaching 3.3 trillion or higher. To convert horse power to watts, the conversion rate is 1 horse power = 746 watts.

    Production Notes

    Debut: The Five Star Stories serial, Newtype Magazine 1985
    Pilot(s): Amaterasu No Mikado/Ladios Sopp, Lachesis, First Eastern Mirage Corps
    Other appearances: The Five Star Stories (manga series)
    Original mechanical designer: Mamoru Nagano

    Line Art

  • rear and spine detail
  • LED Mirage component parts line art #1
  • LED Mirage component parts line art #2
  • standard and optional weapons
  • alternate jackknife style head unit (laser cutter retracted)
  • Luna War Booster Unit A
  • Luna War Booster Unit B
  • mortar headd control seat and headdliner/fatima chambers (Cross Mirage example)

  • Information & Images taken from The Five Star Stories (English Volume 7, 2003)
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist.