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Mehve piloted by Nausicaä

Technical Data

Equipment Type: one-person powered glider
Government: privately owned
Accommodation: pilot (with optional passenger)
Dimensions: wingspan 5.8 meters
Mass: 12 kilograms
Power Plant: one jet engine
Propulsion: one thruster (mounted center)
Design Features: pedal activation; dorsal engine access hatch; six non-lethal flash grenades (deployed via ventral bombing port); folding wings (for storage)
Armament: none

Description and History

The mehve is a small and fast one-person powered glider used to travel great distances quickly. The mehve's four meter long ohmu shell hull grants the craft incredible durability while being extremely lightweight (12 kg). The glider is powered by one engine in the center of the craft and one thruster provides propulsion when activated with a foot lever on the dorsal side. The pilot hangs onto the top of the craft using a simple mount with a harness and controls the glider by shifting her own body. The mehve has no armament but does feature a load of non-lethal flash grenades dispensed from a port on the underside of the craft. The pilot is fully exposed while operating the mehve and can only fly as fast or as high as is possible for the pilot. The glider has V/STOL capabilities and can even carry another passenger if necessary, though speed and control suffers greatly.

The mehve is the personal flying craft of Nausicaä, a princess from the Valley of the Wind. A natural pilot, Nausicaä is exceptionally talented with the mehve and often uses the glider to explore the Sea of Corruption, a massive and lethally toxic fungal forest that covers most of the inland areas. For both flying and exploration near the hazardous Sea of Corruption, Nausicaä uses goggles and a breathing mask. Upon his return from exploring the lands around the Sea of Corruption, Lord Yupa disturbed an enraged ohmu, a massive arthropod dozens of meters long and weighing several tons. Nausicaä was also exploring the Sea of Corruption and heard the disturbance. When she flew on her mehve to investigate, she found Lord Yupa fleeing and the giant ohmu in pursuit. With the speed of her mehve and a load of flash grenades, Nausicaä succeeded in pacifying the ohmu and saving her friend. The name "mehve" is an adaptation of the German word "Möwe", meaning "seagull", an appropriate name given the shape and color of the craft.

Production Notes

Debut: Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind (manga)
Pilot(s): Nausicaä, Asbel
Other appearances: Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind (film)
Original mechanical designer: Hayao Miyazaki

Line Art

  • Mehve line art
  • Images taken from the book The Art of Nausicaä (1984)
    Information taken from the internet
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist