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AV-98 Ingram "Alphonse" Patrol Labor

37mm Revolver Cannon

37mm shell
Shinohara Heavy industries AV-98 Ingram Patrol Labor

Technical Data

Equipment Type: anti-labor patrol labor
Government: Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Police
Manufacturer: Shinohara Heavy Industries, Hachioji Factory
Introduction: April 1998
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: height 7.98 meters; width 4.3 meters
Mass: empty 6.02 metric tons; full 6.62 metric tons
Surface Materials: CFRP carbon fibre reinforced plastic, FRM fibre reinforced material (aluminium steel)
Maximum Weight Lifting Capacity: 2.4 metric tons
Minimum Revolving Radius: 3.90 meters.
Design Features: police package including strobe/inspection lights; high-speed winch
- Armament -
  • 1 x 37mm Revolver Cannon, 6 rounds in gun with additional rounds carried; requires manual pilot reloading (mounted inside outer right lower leg storage carriage)
  • 1 x "Stun Stick" anti-labor electric discharge baton (mounted inside left arm shield)
  • Optional Armament and Equipment: 90mm Riot Cannon; Reactive Armor set

    Description and History

    With the mass-production and widespread use of affordable mechanized robots called "labors," it was inevitable that labor-related crime would threaten public safety. To combat labor crime, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police employed its own force of anti-labor units called "Patrol Labors" or Patlabors. Large, bipedal machines roughly eight meters tall, the patlabors were assigned to special units with trained police officers called labor pilots. Noted labor manufacturer Shinohara Heavy Industries designed and built the AV-98 Ingram used by the Special Vehicles section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Most famous of the AV-98 Ingrams is undoubtedly Unit 01 of Special Vehicle Section 2, Division 2, fondly nicknamed "Alphonse" by labor pilot Noa Izumi.

    The AV-98 Ingram (which stands for "Advanced Vehicle") is a high mobility, medium-weight enforcement labor with numerous features for dealing with labor involved crime. For those rare situations involving the need for lethal force, the AV-98 is armed with a 6-round, 37mm revolver cannon, designed to look like a standard issue police revolver. The revolver cannon is stored inside the Ingram's right leg and can fit easily in either "five-fingered" hand. For non-lethal anti-labor weaponry, the Ingram carries a baton called a "stun stick" inside the shield of the left arm. The stun stick uses an electrical charge to disable any labor struck. In some rare cases, the AV-98 can be equipped to utilize both heavier weapons and armor. A 90mm Riot Cannon is a scaled up version of the standard issue police shotgun providing military grade firepower. As an added defense, the AV-98 can be outfitted with Reactive Armor in easily equipped sections.

    Naturally, the AV-98 Ingrams are primarily used for law enforcement and as such they feature most equipment found in a traditional police package. Two shoulder-mounted strobe lights feature prominently during emergency use and several other light-emitting units are built into Ingram's torso. The AV-98 is also designed with a high-speed winch in the lower-front torso used for lifting or towing (as well as other non-standard uses). All these elements have been designed in a robust, dependable machine that has been successful in the field time and again. The Ingrams have found favor with the labor pilots of the Tokyo Police and continue to be used to this day.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Patlabor The Mobile Police, Episode 1
    Pilot(s): Kanuka Clancy, Noa Izumi, Takeo Kumagami, Kana Matsumoto, Shinobu Nagumo, Isao Ota, Asuma Shinohara
    Other appearances: Patlabor (1st OVA), Patlabor (2nd OVA), Patlabor TV Series, Patlabor Movie 1, Patlabor Movie 2, Patlabor Movie 3
    Original mechanical designer: Yutaka Izubuchi

    Line Art

  • AV-98 Ingram line art #1
  • AV-98 Ingram line art #2
  • AV-98 Ingram line art #3
  • AV-98 Ingram line art #4
  • Information taken from Patlabor: The Movie Archives (English Edition 2005)
    Additional Images taken from Patlabor: Perfect Establishment Vol. 1
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist