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QF-2200D-A Ghost

QF-2200D-A about to launch from the CVN-99 Asuka II

QF-2200D-A Ghost

Technical Data

Equipment Type: unmanned aerospace stealth fighter
Government: U.N. Forces
Manufacturer: unknown (possibly Northrom)
Operational Deployment: 2002
Accommodation: none (AI controlled)
Dimensions: unknown
Mass: unknown
Power Plant: one P&H/Shinnakasu F136C turbofan jet engine (QF-2200A), power rating unknown; established reputation for durability; CVN-99 Asuka II crewmembers tuned engine to 115% of normal thrust enduring combat maneuvers at very short intervals; low-fuel-consuming turbofan jet engine mounted in low-speed, long-range reconnaissance model of QF-2200D; turbofan/ramjet mounted in high-speed, high-altitude reconnaissance model of QF-2200D
Propulsion: thrust unknown
g limit: 25G (maximum instantaneous level)
Design Features: upward-canted forward-swept cranked gull wing with downward-canted backward-swept outer wing section; canard wing; perpendicular canard on dorsal sensor; air intake near rear landing gear; rounded bottom fuselage to reduce air resistance
- Armament -
Bombs & Missiles:
  • 5 x micro-missile launchers (mounted in ports upon the nose)

  • Description and History

    A predecessor to the QF-3000E unmanned aerospace fighter, the QF-2200D Ghost is a small, lightweight, high-maneuverability unmanned reconnaissance fighter. The violent chaos in the early stages of the U.N. Wars found the U.N. Forces lacking skilled pilots and so following mass production in 2002 the QF-2200D was deployed to the frontlines in large quantities. Since the craft was almost without any OverTechnology, it is designed and produced with existing technology suitable for mass production for a relatively low manufacturing cost.

    The QF-2200D is primarily developed to conduct high-speed, armed reconnaissance at relatively low altitudes. It possesses superior stealth, small lightweight construction and an unusually powerful engine that imposes difficulty for detection nets attempting to track it. The Ghost’s lack of a pilot allows for a maximum instantaneous maneuverability of 25G. The exceptional performance of the QF-2200D is such that it became noted for its fighting strength over main fighter craft for close-in combat situations. The autonomous AI that controls the craft can be supplemented by remote control from the ground or orbiting satellite. The existing materials of the Ghost make it difficult to maintain both heat resistance and stealth at higher speeds. This limits the maximum speed because the ratio of maximum speed to engine thrust is low.

    The QF-2200D series includes numerous variant models, ranging from a low-speed, long-range reconnaissance model mounted with a low-fuel-consuming turbofan jet to a high-speed, high-altitude reconnaissance model mounted with a turbofan/ramjet. One of the more notable models is the QF-2200D-A long-distance reconnaissance variant with added sensor system upon the dorsal nose. Another notable model is the QF-2200D-B variant equipped with a high-thrust turbofan jet (unsuitable for such a small lightweight craft) that was modified for use as a booster upon the VF-0 Phoenix "Angel" special attack/assault specification. The CVN-99 Asuka II's maintenance crewmembers initially intended to only use the QF-2200D-B engine, but due to limited time they converted almost the entire vehicle as a booster. QF-2200D-A and QF-2200D-B Ghost fighters were deployed aboard the CVN-99 Asuka II during the events surrounding the island of Mayan in 2008.

    NOTE: Design inspiration for the QF-2200D Ghost was the real life Northrop-Grumman UCAV.

    NOTE: Originally, publications like the Macross Chronicle (1st Edition by We've Inc) designated the QF-2200D-A Ghost as the QF-2001 Ghost. However, the subsequent Macross Chronicle (2nd Edition by DeAgostini) re-designated both Macross Zero Ghost fighters as variants of the same QF-2200D class of unmanned aircraft. QF-2200D-A Ghost is the standalone craft with a mixed-patch of hull colors and a notable dorsal nose sensor pod; the QF-2200D-B Ghost is the black color variant mounted atop the VF-0 Phoenix "Angel" special attack/assault specification)

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Zero, Episode 3 (QF-2200D-A); Episode 5 (QF-2200D-B)
    Pilot(s): (unmanned craft)
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • QF-2200D-A Ghost line art
  • Macross Chronicle (1st Edition by We've Inc) QF-2001 profile (Issue 32)
  • Macross Chronicle (2nd Edition by DeAgostini) QF-2200D profile (Issue 62)
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Zero booklet (from Macross Zero Blu-Ray Set, 2008) and other macross books
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