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Destroid Monster Mk IP

Destroid Monster Mk IP

Technical Data

Equipment Type: HWR (heavy weight robot) MK IP
Government: U.N. Forces
Manufacturer: Viggers/Centinental
Introduction: February 2007 (rollout)
Accommodation: three crew
Dimensions: height 22.2 meters (to gun muzzles)
Mass: 252.5 metric tons
Power Plant: Galland WT 1001 thermonuclear reactor developing 11500 shp; 2 x auxiliary Shinnakasu Industry CT6A thermonuclear reactor developing 380 shp
Performance: grand walking speed 20 km/h (on level environment)
Design Features: 4 x aiming-sight cameras (two mounted forward on the sides and two mounted rear on the sides); 1 x periscope (mounted on cockpit hatch); 1 x rear dozer unit
- Armament -
  • 4 x Viggers 40cm liquid-cooled, liquid propellant cannons with a 160 kilometer range (mounted on top); fire control system links to interlocking surveillance satellites "Eye of God" for average error of impact less that 10 meters; OTM materials in the barrel improve strength significantly and extends the long-range distance and improves rate-of-fire performance
  • 2 x built-in triple railgun in arms with large-sized 5-fingered folding manipulators

  • Description and History

    The prototype HWR-00-MkIP (Heavy Weight Robot) trial production-type Monster is a super-heavy class Destroid. A predecessor to the HWR-00-MkII Monster, the MkIP first saw action fighting terrestrial threats during the events surrounding the Island of Mayan in 2008. The MkIP was a human-designed vehicle for maximizing non-rail ground artillery of the time and emphasized long-range artillery capability common with the later MkII Monster series. However, unlike the MkII this prototype destroid was equipped with arms (manipulators).

    The HWR-00 series was developed jointly by Viggers and Centinental and was built with many immature parts. The MkIP was an experimental Destroid designed to feature self-propelled heavy artillery. The legs suffer low mobility on any irregular surfaces so the walking was limited (a fault which remained in successor units). The most distinctive characteristic of the MkIP's body structure is the large-sized folding manipulators built into each arm. The manipulators are typically retracted in a stowed configuration but can be deployed for use in ammunition delivery, firing position adjustment, and other such manual duties. When the HWR-00 series moved to the MkII, these manipulators were abandoned in favor of missile launchers to provide additional firepower via long-range precision-guided munitions. Yet other similar features, such as a rear-mounted dozer blade mechanism utilized for support when firing, was inherited in later HWR-00 series units.

    The MkIP was rolled out in February 2007 with only a single unit manufactured. The MkIP was provided to U.N. Force conducting the containment plan of the extraterrestrial remains on Mayan Island in 2008. Though deployment of the MkIP represented the risk of an information leak about the new weapon, it was considered acceptable to carry out the final operational test in actual combat. When "Operation Iconoclasm" was put in motion the MkIP was fitted with reaction warheads and tasked with an attempt to annihilate the "Bird Human" (code named AFOS).

    NOTE: Macross Chronicle 2E Macross Zero Mechanic Sheet UNS 05A states the MKIP has a length of 22.2 meters when it should be the measurement for height. The silhouette size chart printed on the same page contradicts the length figure and supports a Destroid Monster of 22.2 meters tall (height figures for the Monster series are described as "to guns muzzles"). Examining the artwork for both the Monster MKII and the MKIP shows they have almost identical proportions (size of cockpit relative to the chasis, size of arms and feet relative to the chasis, etc) indicating comparable sizes for the MKIP and MkII. If the MKIP were really 22.2 meters "long" compared to the MKII's 41 meters, the resulting MKIP would be a mere 12.16 meters tall (at a length-to-height ratio of 0.5417), making it smaller than a VF-1 Battroid (12.68 meters). This would make the MKIP incapable of accomodating three crew in the cockpit and far too small to mount the four 40 cm cannons. As such, the Macross Chroncile errorneously assigned length for the MKIP will be properly assigned as the measurement for height.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Zero, Episode 2
    Pilot(s): no notables
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki (Miyatake Kazutaka, original HWR-00 MKII design)

    Line Art

  • Destroid Monster Mk IP line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Zero booklet (from Macross Zero Blu-Ray Set, 2008) and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist