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Destroid Cheyenne

ADR-03-Mk III Destroid Cheyenne

Technical Data

Equipment Type: ADR (air defense robot) anti-air interception robot
Government: U.N. Forces
Manufacturer: Centinental-Clansman joint development
Introduction: unknown
Operational Deployment: September 2008
Accommodation: unknown
Dimensions: height (overall) 9.87 meters
Mass: 25.9 metric tons (overall, with GAU-12 equipment type)
Structure: unknown
Power Plant: 1 x 1200SHP-output Kranss-Maffai AGT1200 Gas-Turbine engine (main engine); 450kW-output GE EM9G fuel power generator (sub-engine); built-in battery on carrier-borne units for 30-minutes of operation (carrier supplies power via cable and armored shelter)
Propulsion: 1 x rear-mounted rocket motor
Performance: unknown
Design Features: 4 x retractable wheels mounted on ankles and reverse knees for high speed maneuvering; 1 x rear mounted rocket motor for jump/zero-g maneuvering; recessed head unit capable of lifting for rotation/inclination; 1 x radar dome (mounted on right shoulder section); cupola with hatch (on left side of the head); heat sink in rear main body
- Armament -
  • 1 x 7.6mm anti-personnel machine gun (mounted under the front crotch joint)
  • 2 x GAU-12 25mm 6-barreled anti-air gatling guns (mounted one per lower arm); features large drum magazine mounted right side rear torso (APSD ammunition used to anti-aircraft)
  • 2 x grappling manipulators for precision work (similar to VF-0A Phoenix)
  • Optional Armament:
  • 2 x RIM-116RAM 4-tube rocket launchers replacing gatling guns (mounted one per arm), featuring conventional rockets or signal/light flares

  • Description and History

    The ADR-03 MkIII Cheyenne is a Type 03, mass-produced, trial-manufactured anti-aircraft Destroid designed as an interception robot for both fixed and mobile defense aboard carriers. The Cheyenne features a mid-range armament characteristic of the Type 04 series MBR-04-Mk VI Tomahawk Destroid and the ADR-04-Mk X Defender (both of which are highly regarded for reliable armament and excellent productivity). The ADR-03 MkIII and Type 04 series were both jointly developed by Centinental Corporation and Clansman Corporation. Favorable evaluation of the reliability of the armaments and the low production costs of the units resulted in mass production. The ADR-04 Mk X Defender was mass produced as the primary anti-aircraft Destroid, but due to production difficulties the ADR-03 MkIII Cheyenne (which was experiencing smooth mass production and demonstrated sufficient combat performance) was pushed forward.

    The Cheyenne was highly reliable and cheap to mass-produce with existing technology but did suffer from some drawbacks. The body structure lacked refinement of the Type 04 series and had a fragile 2-leg walking system that provided only a slow speed. To compensate the ADR-03 MkIII was equipped with a roller system featuring wheels on the knee and ankle for high-speed maneuvering. The Cheyenne also lacked a small-sized thermonuclear reactor used as the main engine in the Type 04 series and had to rely upon a gas turbine engine. The ADR-03 MkIII was equipped a rocket motor for jumping and maneuvering in the air or in space. However, due to low practicality and a danger from induced detonation, the rocket motor was removed from the Type 04 series. The Cheyenne did feature a special capability that allowed the Destroid to be remotely operated as an automatic turret within the anti-aircraft system of a carrier.

    The Cheyenne was also produced as an anti-air missile variant with two missile launching pods similar to the SDR-04-Mk XII Destroid Phalanx (replacing the gatling gun arm units). The Destroid Cheyenne was highly reliable and cheap to mass-produce but due to ammunition limits it was prohibited from prolonged combat. During UN Spacy operations around the island of Mayan in September 2008, the Destroid Cheyenne was deployed aboard the aircraft carrier CVN-99 Asuka II.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Zero, Episode 2
    Pilot(s): no notables
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki

    Line Art

  • Destroid Cheyenne line art

  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Zero booklet (from Macross Zero Blu-Ray Set, 2008) and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist