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Nousjadeul-Ger Target Powered Suit

General and Technical Data

Equipment Type: Zentradi male division general-issue powered suit
Government: Zentradi Army
Manufacturer: Flemenmik 7721242921th Zentradi Fully-automated Weapons Factory, Development and Production
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: height 16.4 meters; width 11.8 meters; length 8.4 meters
Mass: total mass 34.7 metric tons
Power Plant: one 2.4 GGV class Flemenmik thermonuclear converter
Propulsion: three booster thrusters; many (?) x vernier thrusters
Design Features: main cockpit wraparound screen; main sensor mounted in head; many x (?) other sensors
Armament: disarmed

Technical and Historical Notes

In the late 2030's the UNAF/UNS operated many recovered Zentradi mecha for deployment in training and testing exercises. The Nousjadeul-Ger powered suit was operating at New Edwards Test Flight Center on Eden in 2040 as a target powered suit for testing the combat battroid modes of the new YF-19 and YF-21 variable fighters. Typically the mecha were used in non-lethal exercises for a variety of battle tests designed to parallel real world combat situations. Special interest organizations and government monitors often launch protests against the UNG criticizing the continued use of Zentradi mecha in UNAF/UNS military training as harmful to public integration of Zentradi into human society. Many of these groups feel the Zentradi continue to be vilified by the perpetuation of racist perceptions brought about by such activities. Military spokespeople continue to assert the exercises are relevant and a necessity of training military personnel under constant threat of armed conflict with rogue Zentradi military forces throughout UNG controlled space.

Miscellaneous Information

Debut: Macross Plus OVA, Episode 2
Pilot(s): no notables
Other Appearances: Super Dimension Fortress Macross The Movie: Do You Remember Love?
Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka


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  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
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