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YF-30 Battroid mode

YF-30 GERWALK mode

YF-30 Fighter mode

Assault Knife

YF-30 Chronos

Technical Data

Equipment Type: variable fighter
Alternate Designation: Variable Super-Dimensional Diver
Government: Strategic Military Services (SMS)
Manufacturer: Shinsei Industry/L.A.I./SMS Ouroboros Branch
Introduction: 2060
Operational Deployment: 2060
Accommodation: pilot only (optional passenger)
  • Battroid Mode: height unknown
  • Fighter Mode: wingspan 15.62 meters; height 4.02 meters (without landing gear); length 18.84 meters
  • GERWALK Mode: unknown
  • Mass: empty 8.106 metric tons
    Structure: SWAG energy conversion armor
    Power Plant: two Shinsei Industry / P&W / RR FF-3001/FC2 Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engines
    Propulsion: 2 x 2,110.0 kN (maximum thrust in space); many x P&W HMM-9 high-maneuverability vernier thrusters
    Thrust-to-weight ratio: (empty) 53.07
  • Fighter Mode: unknown
  • Maximum Airframe Design Load: unknown
    Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; clipped delta wing; active stealth system; thrust reverser-equipped three-dimensional maneuvering nozzles; boundary layer control (BLC); capable of attaining unassisted orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet; ISC (Inertia Store Converter); chaff/flare/smoke discharger system; cockpit for EX-Gear equipped pilot; linear actuators; Fold Dimension Resonance system (FDR); multipurpose container unit; Brunhilde aircraft control AI (from YF-25)
    - Armament -
  • 2 x fixed coaxial 12.7mm beam guns (mounted center dorsal section in Fighter/GERWALK mode, becomes head turret in Battroid mode)
  • 1 x new model Heavy Quantum Beam gun pod (mounted ventral fuselage in Fighter mode, in arm manipulator for GERWALK/Battroid modes); upgraded to MDE specification just prior to the end of the Havamal conflict
  • 1 x Assault Knife, 1.65m, super strong material reinforced by pin-point barrier system (mounted under left arm shield block)
  • 1 x pin-point barrier system
  • Bombs & Missiles:
  • 6 x underwing hardpoints for anti-ship reaction missiles, fold speakers or other equipment
  • Optional Armament:
  • 1 x multipurpose container system; standard type features 36 x micro-missile launchers in four 5-port rows and four 4-port rows (mounted in center rear fuselage when stowed, deployable in all 3 modes utilizing built-in articulating mount)

  • Description and History

    Of all the variable fighters of the 2050's perhaps none were more influential than the YF-24 Evolution. The YF-24 was the progenitor of the VF-25 Messiah, the VF-27 Lucifer, the YF-29 Durandal and the YF-30 Chronos variable fighter derived from the Evolution blueprints disseminated by the New UN Forces Headquarters. Design and development of the YF-30 Chronos was secretly carried out independently by the Uroboros branch of SMS led by Uroboros regional director Major Aisha Blanchett, a self-professed genius engineer. Additionally, the new variable fighter was designated a YF prototype to avoid disclosure of the specifications to the New Unified Government. The Chronos airframe shape is notably similar to the YF-24 Evolution but the YF-30 variable mechanism was changed dramatically to accommodate the needs of the new craft's operational objectives. The design of the YF-30 Chronos included parts collected from the Protoculture ruins on Uroboros as well as parts from the Dyaus living weapons that protect the ruins. In addition to incorporating existing technologies, the YF-30 also uses the specially-developed aircraft control AI from the YF-25 Prophecy (known infrequently as Brunnhilde).

    The YF-30 Chronos is built using the familiar delta wing shape of the YF-24 and uses a slightly enhanced version of the FF-3001/FC1 engine from the YF-29 Durandal. The Chronos is also equipped with canards to stabilize the aircraft due to changes in aerodynamic center and center of gravity due to transformation or differing loadouts in part caused by the greatest design feature of the craft; the multipurpose ordinance container system. The multipurpose container unit is mounted in the rear center fuselage and can accommodate various types of equipment loads depending on mission requirements. The standard form is the micro-missile package carrying 36 micro-missile launchers but the unit can contain hardware such as beam guns, auxiliary propulsion systems, or electronic warfare equipment. The YF-30 also incorporates the Fold Dimensional Resonance system (an improved version of the YF-29's Fold Wave system) which amplifies song energy, enabling the YF-30 to break through dense fold faults. For this reason the YF-30 Chronos has the alternate designation Variable Super-Dimension Diver.

    In 2060 Strategic Military Services 2nd Lieutenant Leon Sakaki was on a mission from the SMS Sephira branch to deliver the control AI for the prototype YF-30. However, Sakaki was shot down by rogue Havamal forces and stranded on Uuroboros by a sharp increase in fold fault activity (called the Uroboros Aurora). Major Aisha Blanchett considered the arrival of Sakaki (and his subsequent assignment as de facto test pilot for the YF-30 Chronos) a "godsend" after the original YF-30 test pilot was seriously injured in a testing accident. Sakaki's emphasis on engine performance during test flights revealed durability problems in the YF-30 and the engine design was revisited as a result. Most infamous of these tests was a Vanquish race against Isamu Alva Dyson in YF-19. Once in active service, Leon Sakaki piloting the YF-30 Chronos was instrumental in rescuing Major Blanchett and singer Mina Forte from the rogue NUNS 815th Independent Squadron "Havamal". Ultimately these sorties foiled the Havamal's attempts to rewrite history using Protoculture technology in the ruins of Uroboros.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe (Voices Across The Galaxy; PlayStation 3 Video Game, Released February 28, 2013)
    Pilot(s): Leon Sakaki (2nd Lieutenant SMS, fmrly. attached to SMS Sephira branch)
    Other appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori

    Line Art

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  • Information Courtesy of fan translation (Seto Kaiba of the Macross World forum community)
    Images From - Macross Perfect Memory and other macross books.
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist.