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Battle 13 in Carrier Mode

Battle 13 in Attack Mode

Battle Class Stealth Space Attack Carrier (Battle/Macross 13)

Technical Data

Ship Type: stealth space attack carrier
Government: United Nations Government (U.N.G.)
Manufacturer: unknown.
Ship Class: Battle Class Stealth Space Attack Carrier
Ship Name: Battle 13 (destroyed February 14, 2051).
Launch Date: unknown
Commission Date: unknown.
Complement: crew unknown
Dimensions: unknown.
Mass: Battle 13 displacement unknown; Gunship unknown.
Structure: stealth composition
Power Plant: OTEC/General Galaxy Reactor; Gunship Reactor.
Main Machinery: OTEC/Shinnakasu/General Galaxy advanced fold system cluster; OTEC/Centinental impulse drive cluster; Shinnakasu Industry Agar nuclear pulse rocket cluster (sub-thruster); OTEC gravity control system; Gunship Fold System.
Countermeasures: Pin-Point Barrier System; Total Barrier System (to short ranges).
Combat Data Systems: Stealth Aegis.
  • 1 x Gunship Main Gun super beam weapon, 100 degrees elevation when latched to holder grip, less than 1 shot/60 min, capable of independant maneuvering (mounted forward ventral hull in Carrier mode, starboard manipulator in Attack mode)
  • 4 x Beam Weapons (mounted under stealth covers facing forward in Carrier mode, shoulders facing forward in Attack mode)
    Variable Mecha: 450 x variable fighters, including VF-11C Thunderbolt, 3 x VF-17 Nightmare, possibility of few x VF-19 Excalibur/VF-22S Sturmvogel II.
    Other Craft: 250 x attack craft; 9 x bombers; 60 x reconnaissance craft; 18 x transport craft; 12 x liaison craft.

  • Description and History

    With help from former UN Spacy Commander Wilbur Garland, the Battle Class ship Battle 13 was seized by the Vindirance terrorist forces in 2051. The Battle 13, equipped with the special missile jamming device created by the Critical Path Corporation, was used by the terrorist group to attack the UN Spacy fleet in Earth orbit. With the incredible firepower of the Battle 13 gunship at their command, and the UN Spacy fleet unable to launch an effective counter attack with the jamming device in operation, the Battle 13 destroyed several UNS warships. Fortunately, Captain Aegis Focker of the 727th Independent Special Command VF-X Ravens lead his pilots in a daring assault upon the Battle 13. Fighting past numerous Ghost X-9 fighters and Wilbur Garland himself, Captain Focker was able to destroy the jamming device mounted upon the Battle 13. In a spectacular assault, the remaining UN Spacy fleet destroyed the Battle 13 and defeated the Vindirance terrorist forces for good.

    In VF-X2 here were the main factions:

    Black Rainbow - Terrorist group led by Zentradi rebel Timoshie Daldahnton.

    Critical Path Corporation - Rogue Corporation led by Manifred Brando. Working on advanced sensor jamming technology, actively supplying Black Rainbow via Wilbur Garland.

    Wilbur Garland's Faction - Fascist UN General, manufacturing a war against Black Rainbow with the intent of seizing power within the UN. He is the commanding officer of Macross 13, and the VF-X Ravens report to him (he gives the briefings in the first half of the game)

    Vindrance Fleet - Led by Mariafokina Barnrose, they're former UN Spacy officers who are committed to fighting Garland. They're labeled terrorists, you fight them early in the game, but have the option to join them near the final act (good ending).

    If you go for the good end, it's actually the Vindrance Fleet that squares off against the Garland Faction and the Macross 13 in 'Operation Remember Love'. By that point in the game Black Rainbow and Critical Path have been neutralized, and their leaders killed in action.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Digital Mission VF-X 2 (Video Game, 1999)
    Crew: no notables.
    Other Appearances: none.
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • attack mode rear view
  • Battle 13 line art details
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Perfect Memory and other macross books.
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist.