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Heavy Battleship Vajra

Heavy Battleship Vajra

Technical Data

Organsim Type: heavy battleship
Civilization: Vajra
Organism Class: unknown
Organism Name: Unknown, launched unknown
Birth Date: unknown
Number of Organisms: unknown
Complement: crew unknown
Dimensions: approx. length 3,500-4,000 meters
Mass: 2,000,000,000-6,500,000,000 metric tons
Structure: bio-energy converting armor
Power Source: fold quartz "towers" (fold quartz core/reactor?)
Main Organs: super-long range bio-fold organ cluster; thermonuclear reaction engine matrix; gravity control thrust
Countermeasures: fold barrier; disperses energy from incoming attacks into super dimension space
  • ? x triple-barrel Heavy Quantum Beam Gun Turrets (mounted near the stern); offensive power rivals a Macross Cannon
  • large number x Heavy Beam Gun Turrets (scarrered across the hull)
  • Carried Organisms: many x mobile soldier vajra and heavy soldier vajra

    Description and History

    The huge Heavy Battleship is a breed of vajra that roughly corresponds to a flagship-class vessel. This deep purple-colored vajra is roughly 3.5 to 4 kilometers long and is protected by innumerable Mobile Soldier Vajra and Heavy Soldier Vajra swarming within the interior spaces and surrounding airspace. The ship is a deadly combat vessel carrying 3-barrel heavy quantum beam gun turrets near the stern that have an offensive power rivalling a Macross Cannon. The vajra also has a large number of heavy beam gun turrets scattered around the hull and a powerful defensive fold barrier able to withstand a direct hit from a Macross Cannon. The interior of the creature is home to many fold quartz "towers" which are used to power its weapons and barriers. A vajra space combat group typically includes 10-20 Heavy Battleship Vajra.

    NOTE: The spacecraft of the Vajra civilization are a special breed of vajra organism. Although common vajra can easily travel through the void of outer-space, those with fold capability can only travel short distances. Therefore, the vajra breed much larger organisms with far more powerful fold quartz "towers" (fold quartz core/reactor?) to achieve long-distance space folds that allow free navigation over vast interstellar distances.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Frontier The Movie: Itsuwari no Utahime (The False Songstress)
    Crew: unknown
    Other appearances: Macross Frontier The Movie: Sayonara no Tsubasa (The Wings of Goodbye)
    Original designer: Junya Ishigaki

    Line Art

  • Heavy Battleship Vajra aft view
  • Information Courtesy of fan translation (Seto Kaiba of the Macross World forum community)
    Images From - Macross Chronicle and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist