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Macross SDFN-4 Global Cruiser Mode (circa 2048)

Macross SDFN-4 Global Attack Mode (circa 2048)

Macross-Class SDFN-4 Global

Technical Data

Ship Type: super dimension fortress
Government: New United Nations Spacy
Manufacturer: OTEC Company
Ship Name: Global
Laid down: unknown
Launch Date: unknown
Commission Date: unknown
Number of Class Commissioned: 12 (SDFN-1 Hayase, SDFN-4 Global)
Complement: crew 10,000 (military and civilian)
Dimensions: length 1,200 meters, width 600 meters
Mass: standard operating displacement 22,000,000 metric tons
Structure: hypercarbon frame, hypercarbon hull
Power Plant: OverTechnology Macross heat pile system cluster
Primary Systems: OverTechnology Macross nozzle cluster (main thrusters), OverTechnology main nozzle cluster (vertical thrusters), OverTechnology vernier thrusters, OverTechnology Macross gravity control system, OverTechnology Macross fold system cluster
Secondary Systems: Pin-Point Barrier/Full Barrier System
  • 1 x OverTechnology Macross super-dimension-energy cannon with beam polarizing converging system (bow)
  • 8 x OverTechnology guided converging beam cannons
  • 4 x high speed 178 cm electro magnetic rail cannons
  • many x large automatic anti-ship missile launchers
  • many x various missile emplacements
  • Space planes: current compliment unknown
    Variable Mecha: many x variable fighters
    Non-Variable Mecha: current compliment unknown
    Docked Craft: 2 x ARMD (one docked docked port and one docked starboard)

    Description and History

    The SDFN ships are the mass-produced version of the original SDF-1 Macross and appear almost identical (including fully functional transformation). These emigrant vessels were built for the purpose of investigating and securing routes in advance of Super-Long Distance Colonization Ships (Megaroad-01). The SDFN is a new model built as a new fold-capable space battleship cruiser and developed as an intermediate immigration ship. The SDFN Class holds only a small-scale emigrant crew of 10,000 people (military and civilian) that is just sufficient for an advance team. The interior of the SDFN-4 Global features a city for habitation and research facilities for Vajra study. A total of twelve SDFN class ships were built. Since the engines and armaments for the SDFN class were diverted from Zentradi medium-sized warships, each warship differs in armament.

    The Macross SDFN-4 Global was attached as Flagship of the 117th Research Fleet operating in the late 2040s. It was publically declared in 2048 that a fold navigation error lead to the destruction of the Global and the other fleet ships, but the truth was far more disturbing. The 117th Research Fleet encountered the hostile Vajra in 2048. Ranka Lee was supposedly the only survivor from that fleet and due to mental trauma from the death of her family she had no memory of her early childhood. Some 11 years later, the wreckage of the SDFN-4 Global is found seemingly abandoned on the surface of Gallia IV by Warrant Officer Alto Saotome of the SMS and civilian Ranka Lee. Upon exploring the interior of the craft it is found to be a portion of a Vajra hive. The Global and the rest of the hive is destroyed as an entrie Vajra fleet emerges from beneath the surface of the planet, attains orbit and commences a space fold. Just prior to the Vajra fleet departing, a Dimension Eater is unleashed on the surface of the planet, destroying a New UN Spacy base, the attached marine battalion and most of the planet itself. Thus how long the Global had been on Gallia IV or how it arrived on the planet will likely remain a mystery.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Frontier, Episode 12
    Crew: no notables
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • none
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross Chronicle and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist