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PS/ML-21 EX-Gear (Civilian Model)

PS/ML-21 EX-Gear (Civilian Model)

EGP-03/05 EX-Gear (Military Model)
EX-Gear EG-01M/MP (civilian PS/ML-21, military EGP-03/05)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: civilian PS/ML-21 powered suit; military EGP-03/05 powered suit
Operators: Strategic Military Services (SMS), New United Nations Spacy (NUNS), others (such as Mihoshi Academy)
Manufacturer: Shinsei Industries/L.A.I. Corporation
Introduction: 2050s
Operational Deployment: 2050s
Accommodation: operator
Dimensions: height 150-225 centimeters (extension options are possible)
Mass: civilian version fully loaded 50-55 kilograms; military version fully loaded 75 kilograms
Structure: unknown
Power Plant: civilian version two (possibly three) HR-3UTG Hyper-Eneloop fuel cells; military version, two (possibly three) HR-3UTG Hyper-Eneloop fuel cells
Propulsion: civilian version chemical rocket engines; military version 2 x L.A.I. Corporation VSR-02A chemical rocket engines for high-level flight performance
  • Civilian Version: flying in atmosphere, 280 kmph
  • Military Version: flying in atmosphere, 500 kmph; gliding wheels, 55 kmph (on level ground)
  • Design Features:
  • Civilian Version: powered hands and legs differ from military-use; inner suit is exposed more compared to military version; flight pack and survival kit are lighter than military version but basic function is similar; ExSuitcase for EX-Gear storage and transport with security command panel on the case side; motor glider-type flight unit for high-performance flight similar to military version but of a different design; three-stage folding wings
  • Military Version: larger area of protection for occupant and legs; leg section hover units; exclusive headgear mounts over normal helmet during flight; powered hands; one size bigger than private sector/civilian unit; motor glider-type flight unit connected to the back; folding wings; 4 x gliding wheels with built-in motors similar to private/civilian unit
    - Armament -
  • 1 x machine gun with undermounted grenade launcher (military version only)
  • 1 x survival knife

  • Description and History

    The EG-01M/MP EX-Gear is a multipurpose reinforced suit (or Power Suit) designed as an enhanced VF cockpit interface and for improving pilot survivability. The unit includes an exoskeleton unit, personal inner-wear, two variable geometry wings, two hybrid jet/rocket engines, mechanical hardware for the head, torso, arms and legs. The EX-Gear is a standard feature of the VF-25 Messiah and has been adopted by the New U.N. Spacy military as equipment for the VF-171 Nightmare Plus. Within the Macross Frontier fleet the research and development of "mechanically-reinforced soldiers" (via body implants) is prohibited and thus both military and civilian EX-Gear units can be seen in operation as non-invasive mechanical augmentation typically observed in pilot training. There are few differences in output and function of the basic structure of the two types of EX-Gear (military and civilian) in addition to armament.

    The military EX-Gear (military specification EGP-03/05) evolved from the popular mechanism known as a "light powered-suit for work" in the public sector. Various parts of the EX-Gear - such as the leg-section hover unit and the exclusive head gear - are fully-dedicated. Output is roughly 200% greater and operation time is extended compared to the private/civilian sector versions. The EX-Gear also features an advanced self-learning function for interface with the variable fighter that provides high-speed precision control. This system provides the sensation of "wearing" a variable fighter by allowing the operating program to memorize data and reflect the habits of the operating pilot.

    The civilian EX-Gear (utility-type PS/ML-21) is a versatile version for private-use and is compatible with the military standard. While utilization of high-quality parts makes the civilian unit very expensive, the compatibility allows the civilian model to connect with a military VF. The standard civilian-use PS/ML-21 EX-Gear is manufactured by several space work/space-flight machine manufacturers and comes in a variety of coloring and options. Civilian units built to the same standard as military issue equipment are used to train students in private/civilian training schools, such as Mihoshi Academy. There are several other types of private enterprise/civilian EX-Gear models including those for ground sports (cheap and lightweight for mobility) as well specialized flight models.

    The name "EX" is short hand for "Extender"

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Frontier, Episode 1 (both civilian and military versions)
    Pilot(s): Henry Gilliam, Alto Saotome, Ozma Lee, Luca Angeloni, Mikhail Buran/Michael Blanc, Sheryl Nome
    Other appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki

    Line Art

  • none
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    Images From - Macross Chronicle and other macross books
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