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Cruiser Mode

Attack Mode

Attack Mode (Miyatake Kazutaka Design Works)

Macross-Class SDF-1 Super Dimension Fortress (Film Version)

Technical Data

Ship Type: super dimension fortress
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: OTEC Company (originally built by the Supervision Army)
Ship Name: Macross
Laid down: 1999
Launch Date: February 7, 2009
Commission Date: February 7, 2009
Number of Class Commissioned: 2 (SDF-1 Macross, SDF-2 Megaroad)
Complement: crew 20,000; civilians 58,000 (later reduced through attrition to 56,000 and then 40,000)
Dimensions: length 1,210 meters, width 496, height 312 meters; (approximate dimensions following 2012 refit) length 1,200 meters, width 600 meters
Mass: standard operating displacement 18,000,000 metric tons; standard operating displacement (following 2012 refit) 22,000,000 metric tons
Structure: hypercarbon frame, hypercarbon hull
Power Plant: OverTechnology Macross heat pile system cluster
Primary Systems: OverTechnology Macross nozzle cluster (main thrusters), OverTechnology main nozzle cluster (vertical thrusters), OverTechnology vernier thrusters, OverTechnology Macross gravity control system, OverTechnology Macross fold system cluster
Secondary Systems: Pin-Point Barrier/Full Barrier System
  • 1 x OverTechnology Macross super-dimension-energy cannon with beam polarizing converging system (bow)
  • 8 x OverTechnology guided converging beam cannons
  • 4 x high speed 178 cm electro magnetic rail cannons
  • many x large automatic anti-ship missile launchers
  • many x various missile emplacements
  • Space planes: 120 x QF-3000E Ghost
    Variable Mecha: 212 x VF-1 Valkyrie (on launch date February 7, 2009: 120 x VF-1A, 12 x VF-1D, 50 x VF-1J, 30 x VF-1S); 300+ VF-1 Super Valkyries (as of February 11, 2010)
    Non-Variable Mecha: 587 x Destroids (on launch date February 7, 2009: stationed SLV-111 Daedalus 2 x HWR-00-Mk. II Monster, 85 x MBR-07-Mk. II Spartan, 500 x MBR-04-Mk. VI Tomahawk); non-variable mecha built in onboard factories: 1 x HWR-00-Mk. II Monster, 40 x ADR-04-Mk. X Defender, 20 x SDR-04-Mk. XII Phalanx
    Docked Craft: 1 x ARMD-01 (docked port); 1 x ARMD-02 (docked starboard)

    Description and History

    For thousands of millennia, an ancient war raged across the Milky Way Galaxy unbeknownst to the human race. In July 1999, that war came to humanity's doorstep when a super-light-velocity spaceship crash-landed on Earth. The United Nations commences an investigation of the crash site located on South Ataria Island in the North Pacific Ocean. The spacecraft is given the code name Alien Starship-1 (ASS-1) and investigations in the months following the crash uncover startling discoveries. Giant aliens, some five times the size of a human, crewed the craft which is revealed to be a warship; a Gun Destroyer from a faction called the Supervision Army. Most important of any discovery found in the alien spacecraft is the advanced technology contained within it. Given the name "OverTechnology," the United Nations Government (U.N.G) coordinates research quickly to understand it.

    In 2001, several countries including Japan, United States, Russia, Germany, Britain, and France collaborate to establish an alien technology research institute called OTEC. Less than a year later, the OTEC commences a project to restore and reconstruct the ASS-1 to be commissioned as a capital ship for the newly formed United Nations Government. From February 2001 forward, the spacecraft is designated as the SDF-1; Super-Dimension-Fortress-1. Incredible advances are made from the research including the thermonuclear reaction system used to power the craft, the gravity control system, the space fold system for traveling faster-than-light and the super-dimension-energy cannons, the main weapon of the SDF-1. These technologies are adapted quickly and soon OverTechnology is being utilized in dozens of industries, notably super-small-scale thermonuclear reactors and the development of thermonuclear reaction bombs. Despite these unprecedented leaps of progress, many problems arise and threaten to undermine the launch of the SDF-1.

    Originally set to launch in 2006, civil unrest abroad and the outbreak of the Anti-Unification Wars slows the SDF-1 restoration project. Eventually, the "UN Wars" cease on January 20th 2007 and the SDF-1 is rescheduled for launch in February 2009. It is the day of the launching ceremony that the opposing faction of the ancient war tracks the residual energies left by the ASS-1's space fold and follow it to the Sol system. The newly christened SDF-1 Macross, armed with a heretofore undiscovered automated defense system, activates in response to the approaching enemy forces known as the Zentradi. The main cannon of the SDF-1 Macross fires from the surface of the Earth and destroys two Zentradi ships some 280,000 km out in space. The remaining Zentradi retaliate and intense fighting ensues. In an attempt to maneuver and regain the initiative, Captain Bruno J. Global activates the space fold system to transport the SDF-1 Macross into Lunar orbit. Due to limited human understanding of the space fold system and improper instrumentation, the SDF-1 Macross folds far beyond the Moon, transporting the ship and much of the surrounding surface of South Ataria Island out past Pluto. This single engagement initiates the beginning of Space War I between the UN Spacy and the Zentradi Army.

    Over the length of more than a year during which Space War I is fought, the SDF-1 Macross travels from the outskirts of the Sol system back to Earth, fighting the forces of the Zentradi. The Zentradi - obsessed with the secrets of the ship's obvious reconstruction and reaction weaponry - were determined to capture the vessel. This advantage allowed the Macross to effectively use it's formidable defenses, thwarting many attempts to be captured by the enemy. After Space War I ends on March 10th 2010, the Macross landing site is chosen as home for the reconstruction of Macross City. The Macross takes part in one more major engagement against rogue Zentradi Kamjin Kravshera's forces during the Defensive Battle of Macross City in January 2012. Despite extensive damage following the battle, the Macross is repaired and undergoes a major refit. To this day, the Macross remains the home of the U.N. Military Command Center and is berthed in Macross City on Earth.

    Production Notes

    Debut: (film type) Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?
    Crew: Bruno J. Global (Captain), Misa Hayase, Claudia La Salle, Hikaru Ichijo, Hayao Kakizaki, Maximilian Jenius, Roy Focker, Vanessa Laird, Shammy Milliome, Kim Kabirov, Colonel Maistrov
    Other appearances: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross: Flashback 2012, Macross Plus, Macross Frontier
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • SDF-1 Macross cruiser mode line art
  • SDF-1 Macross attack mode line art
  • SDF-1 Macross schematics
  • Macross bridge (facing bow)
  • Macross bridge (exterior)
  • Full Bridge: interior (view rearward)
  • Full Bridge: interior (view forward)
  • Full Bridge: interior (sub-stations)
  • Bridge: interior (view forward)
  • Bridge: interior (isometric view)
  • Macross transformation detail
  • Macross civilian city area (concert hall)
  • Macross civilian city area (observation port)
  • Macross civilian city area (cross section, port aft engine/leg)
  • mechanical detail line art #1 (Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works Macross & Orguss)
  • mechanical detail line art #2 (Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works Macross & Orguss)
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Do You Remember Love? Data Bank and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist