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Laplamiz Mobile Fortress

Laplamiz-Class Mobile Fortress

Technical Data

Ship Type: large-scale mobile fortress
Government: Meltrandi
Manufacturer: unknown
Dimensions: width 500,000 meters (500 kilometers); height 270,000 meters (270 kilometers), [Macross Chronicle 2E DYRL Mechanic Sheet Meltrandi 03A]
Mass: unknown
Power Plant: heat pile system cluster
Primary Systems: macro nozzle cluster (main thrusters); vernier nozzle cluster; gravity control system; fold system cluster
  • assumed 1 x main beam gun (mounted in center column facing bow within the largest globe cluster?)
  • Space planes: unknown
    Mecha: unknown

    Description and History

    The Meltrandi Laplamiz-Class Mobile Fortress was seen only briefly near the end of Space War I. This immense spacecraft, comparable in size to the Zentradi Gol Boddole Zer Class Mobile Fortress, served as the mothership for the Laplamiz Meltrandi fleet. The mobile fortress appears in a stark grey color with a hull design that looks almost rock-like, resembling a multi-tiered mountain range. The Laplamiz class is far beyond the size of the largest Meltran spaceships and within it's hull the mothership can berth numerous other craft for fueling and supply. The Mobile Fortress is commanded by Moruk Laplamiz, an ultra-large holographic computer manifested via an energy body composition with optical fiber-like strands connected to her head and shoulders. Like other mobile fortresses, the hull of the Meltrandi mobile fortress is a growing/self-building technology that automatically constructs new hull areas. The hull is a semi-organic structure with a laminated assembly that expands via the automatically constructed laminate. Unlike the Zentradi, the Meltrandi have a higher degree of dependence upon inorganic rather than organic technology (Macross Chronicle 2E DYRL Extra Report Character Sheet Meltrandi 01A: Milia 639).

    During the final decisive conflict of Space War I, the Laplamiz class led the Meltrandi fleet in battle against the Zentradi Boddole Zer fleet. Though both fleets were evenly matched, Gol Boddole Zer desired victory so greatly, he was willing to destroy many of his own Zentradi ships to defeat the Meltrandi. The Zentradi Mobile Fortress fired it's massive main beam gun upon the Laplamiz Mobile Fortress, destroying the Meltrandi mothership, a portion of the Meltrandi fleet and thousands of the Zentradi's own ships. Ultimately, the strategy would prove the downfall of Gol Boddole Zer.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?
    Crew: Moruk Laplamiz
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • Laplamiz Mobile Fortress line art
  • bridge (interior) and Moruk Laplamiz line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Do You Remember Love? Data Bank and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist