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VF-1A Whale Hunter Custom Battroid

VF-1A Valkyrie Whale Hunter Custom

Technical Data

Equipment Type: FAST Pack augmentative space system
Government: none (privately owned)
Manufacturer: Northrom (FAST Pack system manufactured by Shinnakasu Heavy Industry)
Accommodation: two crew (pilot plus passenger)
  • Battroid Mode: height 14.1 meters; width 9.8 meters; length 4.8 meters
  • Fighter Mode: wingspan 14.78 meters (fully extended); height 5.5 meters; length 14.0 meters
  • GERWALK Mode: wingspan 14.78 meters (fully extended); height 10.36 meters; length 11.3 meters
  • Mass: empty 19.2 metric tons; standard T-O mass 45.0 metric tons; maximum T-O mass 72.0 metric tons
    Structure: space metal frame, SWAG energy conversion armor
    Power Plant: two Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2001 thermonuclear reaction turbine engines, output 650 MW each
    Propulsion: 11,500 kg [x g] x 2, 23,000 kg [x g] x 2 in overboost (225.63 kN x 2 overboost); FAST Pack P&W+EF-2001 booster thrusters 2 x 120,000 kg [x g] (1,177.2 kN x 2); 16 x high-maneuverability vernier thrusters, 4 x low-thrust vernier thrusters beneath multipurpose hook/handles
    Thrust-to-weight ratio: standard T-O 6.36; maximum T-O 3.97
  • Battroid Mode: maximum walking speed 160 km/h
  • Fighter Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 2.71; at 30,000+ m Mach 3.87
  • GERWALK Mode: maximum walking speed 100 km/h; flying 500 km/h
  • g limit: in space +7
    Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; variable geometry wing; vertical take-off and landing; control-configurable vehicle; single-axis thrust vectoring; three "magic hand" manipulators for maintenance use; retractable canopy shield for Battroid mode and atmospheric reentry; option of GBP-1S system, atmospheric-escape booster, or FAST Pack system.
  • Min time from Fighter to GERWALK (automated): approx. 1.5 sec.
  • Min time from GERWALK to Battroid (automated): under 2 sec.
  • Standard time from Fighter to Battroid (automated): under 5 sec.
  • Min time from Fighter to Battroid (manual): 0.9 sec.
  • - Armament -
  • 1 x large harpoon launcher with attached gun pod (mounted in manipulater in Battroid mode)

  • Description and History

    Graham Holly was once married to a whale artificer and very well respected singer name Maria Velasquez. He and his wife would often conduct research of space whales aboard a specially modified VF-1A Valkyrie around the planet Zola. A tragic accident during a whale migration lead to the death of Maria and permanently changed Graham Hoyly into a man obsessed with hunting the space whales. The VF-1A Whale Hunter variable fighter featured a special large harpoon launcher, a set of FAST Packs for travel to and from the surface of Zola and also a special dual-seat cockpit configuration.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross Dynamite 7, Episode 1
    Pilot(s): Maria Velasquez-Hoyly, Graham Hoyly
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori

    Line Art

  • none
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross 7 Animation Materials and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist