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VF-22S Battroid Mode in Gamlin Colors

VF-22S GERWALK Mode in Gamlin Colors

VF-22S Fighter Mode in Gamlin Colors

GV-17L (aka BP-14D) Stealth Gun Pod (Gamlin type)

Variant VF-22S Sturmvogel II "Gamlin"


Debut: Macross Dynamite 7, Episode 2
Description: Gamlin Kizaki of the UN Spacy forces operated a VF-22S Sturmvogel II as part of his service aboard the Macross 7 colonization fleet in 2047. When brash singer and war hero Nekki Basara left the fleet, Gamlin and the UN Forces tried to discover where Basara had gone. Sometime later, the Macross 7 fleet detected Basara's sound energy coming from the planet Zola and Gamlin was sent to investigate. Piloting a dark cyan colored VF-22S, Gamlin soon became embroiled in the events surrounding the space whale migration taking place in orbit. With the assistance of the Zolan military, Gamlin engaged a large number of pirate forces in combat. The powerful VF-22S, operated with speed and grace by the highly skilled Gamlin, proved an unbeatable force in battle against the enemy pirate forces.

Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
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