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VF-17D Heavy Battroid Mode (Teal Colors)

VF-17D GERWALK Mode (Teal Colors)

VF-17D Fighter Mode (Teal Colors)

MC-17A 40mm Stealth Gun Pod (Teal Colors)

Variant VF-17D Nightmare "Teal"


Debut: Macross Dynamite 7, Episode 1
Description: The success of the VF-17 Nightmare variable fighter ensured continued deployment of the spacecraft throughout UNG controlled space. However, the unexplored frontier beyond colonized space lead to less civilized areas where military hardware would illegally find its way into the hands of unscrupulous owners. During the space whale migration near the planet Zola in the spring of 2047 a Zolan military officer named Liza Hoyly found several VF-17D fighters in the hands of an arms dealer. Once she was discovered infiltrating the illegal operation, Liza appropriated a teal colored VF-17D Nightmare and using a fold booster she made a daring escape back to the planet Zola. Many 17D variable fighters in teal hull colors were also seen operating in the Macross 7 fleet.


Liza Hoyly pilots a VF-17D Nightmare in space

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