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VF-11B Battroid Mode in Milia Colors

VF-11B GERWALK Mode in Milia Colors

VF-11B Fighter Mode in Milia Colors

Variant VF-11B Thunderbolt "Milia"


Debut: Macross 7 P*L*U*S (Top Gamlin)
Description: Many years after Space War I the notable figures of that war moved on to new roles and took on other responsibilities. Milia Fallyna Jenius, the renowned Zentradi ace pilot who defected to the UNG in the latter part of the war, became a distinguished symbol of Human-Zentradi unity in the post war years. She continued her military career with the UN Spacy in the following years and was eventually appointed flight instructor at Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center in 2029. In 2038, she was assigned as second-in-command of the 37th long-distance colonization fleet. It was during her final years as a military instructor that Milia flew a specialized VF-11 fighter. Gamlin Kizaki, a gifted and very young pilot, notably received flight instruction from Milia and was the only student who could keep up with the veteran ace pilot. Milia's VF-11 was painted in her legendary red colors though it would not be the last variable fighter to bear the ace pilot.


VF-11B Thunderbolt piloted by Milia Jenius

Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
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