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Varauta Extra-Large Fleet Command Battle Carrier
Varauta Fleet Command Battle Carrier

Technical Data

Ship Type: Extra-Large Fleet Command Battle Carrier
Government: Varauta
Manufacturer: unknown
Dimensions: length 4,320 meters
Mass: operational mass 320,000,000 metric tons; empty mass 210,000,000 metric tons
Structure: 2 x giant docks with accomodation for many larger warships silmultaneously (port and starboard hull), craft hangars, linear catapults for launching craft (port and starboard hull)
Power Plant: OverTechnology Reactor
Primary Systems: macro nozzle cluster (main thrusters); vernier nozzle cluster; gravity control system; fold system cluster
Max instantaneous acceleration during combat: 1.65 G+
Countermeasures: shipborne pin-point barrier system; shipborne total barrier system
Combat Data Systems: Aegis sensor
  • 8 x anti-fleet extra-large reaction weapon missiles; multi-warhead missiles that each contain 24 reaction warheads rated at 10 gigaton class (mounted in center forward section, under main bridge)
  • 8 x macross main cannons (mounted on either side of missile launchers)
  • many (great number) x large output anti-ship high-angle beam guns
  • many (great number) x close-in defense high maneuverability missile launchers
  • Carried Craft: approximately 400-500 fighters, reconnaissance craft, bombers and other craft [over 500 variable fighters, (Macross Chronicle 2E Macross 7 Mechanic Sheet 04A "Varauta Fleet")]
    Docked Craft: 20-30 frigates (capable of accommodating 6-8 large warships within interior docks)

    Description and History

    Over 4 kilometers long, the massive Extra-Large Fleet Command Battle Carrier (aka Fleet Flagship Space Carrier) is the largest warship in the Varauta forces. This enormous vessel serves as the command ship for the 502 vessels (8,964 fighters) of the Varauta fleet and also operates as a mobile fortress to service and supply those many smaller warships in the Varauta forces. Both halves of the ship contain giant docks which can accommodate several large warships or dozens of smaller ships, all simultaneously. The Fleet Command Battle Carrier also contains various hangars and linear catapults to accommodate and deploy nearly 500 variable fighters and support spacecraft. The Battle Carrier is also heavily armed with numerous powerful anti-ship high-angle beam cannons for combat against any enemy warships. It is said that the Fleet Command Battle Carrier has the mobility and acceleration abilities of a battleship, while having offensive ability comparable to a "large scale fleet" with the ability to annihilate a small-scale Zentradi fleet singlehandedly (it should be noted such a Zentradi fleet has more than 1,000 ships). The vast fighter carrying capacity of the Fleet Command Battle Carrier grants it the capacity of 2-3 normal space carriers (Macross Chronicle 2E Macross 7 Mechanic Sheet Varauta 04A "Varauta Fleet"). During the Protodeviln War that began in 2045 the Protodeviln leader Gepernitch commanded the Varauta forces from aboard this ship, leading his fleet in numerous battles against the UN Spacy forces.

    NOTE: The Varauta Fleet is described as (estimated): 1 x Extra-Large Fleet Command Battle Carrier, 12 x Large Battleships, 57 x Standard Battleline Battleships, 92 x High-Speed Raiding Space Cruisers, 3 x New Giant Carriers, 43 x Large Battroid Transport Carriers, 294 x Vanguard Frigates, 7,652 Fz-109 Elgerzorenes, 1,240 x Az-130 Panzerzorenes and 72 x FBz-99G Saubergerans (Macross Chronicle 2E Worldguide 16A "Varauta Forces"). Before this information became available, the only figure for the Varauta forces was given in episode 38 of Macross 7 in which the Varauta forces around the planet Rax were numbered as 70,000 ships.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross 7, Episode 3
    Crew: Gepernitch, Gigile
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • Varauta Fleet Command Battle Carrier line art #1
  • Varauta Fleet Command Battle Carrier line art #2
  • Varauta Fleet Command Battle Carrier line art #3
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