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Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis Class Battleship

Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis Class Fleet Command Battleship

Technical Data

Ship Type: medium-scale fleet command battleship
Government: U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: U.N.G.
Ship Name: Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis
Commission Date: unknown
Complement: unknown
Dimensions: length 4,000 meters
Mass: operational mass 18,900,000 metric tons
Structure: external dorsal bridge foward dorsal section; secondary bridge dorsal aft section; 2 x main dorsal antennae aft of bridge; 1 x main ventral antenna
Power Plant: OverTechnology heat pile system cluster
Main Machinery: OverTechnology main engine thruster (center aft); OverTechnology vernier thrusters, OverTechnology gravity control system; OverTechnology fold system
  • 1 x heavy converging beam cannon
  • many x guided beam cannons
  • many x small maneuverable warship weapons
  • many x anti-ship/anti-aircraft missile launchers
  • Mecha: many x VF-14 Vampire or VF-11C Thunderbolt

    Description and History

    The Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Class Fleet Command Battleship was a distinguished vessel in the UNG military post-Space War I. Britai Kridanik, formerly commander of the Zentradi Adoclass Fleet, had become a high ranking leader in the UNG military and his Nupetiet-Vergnitzs had been officially christened as the first battleship of the New UN Forces in December 2012. The Nupetiet-Vergnitzs class, following a minor refit in 2012, underwent a complete refit and redesign with additional Earth technology. The class was designated the Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis and the hull was completely rebuilt to bring the ship in line with the new motif of the modern UNG fleet. Two external dorsal bridges (one to the fore and one to the aft) were added and additional antennae were built including two main dorsal antennae aft of the bridge and one main ventral antenna. These ships served in colonization fleets in 2040s. One Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Class was part of the Macross 5 fleet that was completely destroyed by the Varauta on the planet Rax in September 2045.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross 7, Episode 23
    Crew: no notables
    Other Appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Miyatake Kazutaka

    Line Art

  • Neo Nupetiet-Vergnitzs bis Class Fleet Command Battleship line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross 7 Animation Materials and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist