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Sports Car circa 2045 (Red Colors)

Sports Car circa 2045 (Green Colors)
Fellini Sports Car (2045)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: four-wheel sports automobile
Government: none (privately owned)
Manufacturer: Fellini
Dimensions: unknown
Mass: unknown
Power Plant: one engine; many x vernier thrusters
Design Features: left-hand drive (common for vehicles of this era)
Armament: none

Description and History

The Fellini Sports Car is a fast and stylish four wheel vehicle in production during the 2040's. This vehicle is often driven by younger colonists aboard City 7 of the 37th long-distance colonization fleet. The high speed and comfort of the sports car is ideal to drive throughout the massive seven and half kilometer length of the city. Like most vehicles aboard City 7 the sports car is designed for limited, short-range travel in space. Quad mounts of vernier thrusters built into the front corners and verniers on the rear underside allow maneuvering in a vacuum while a enclosed life support system protects the occupants. These systems allow the sports car to leave City 7 and navigate the "Milky Road", a large web of guidance beams permitting safe travel between the many vessels of the fleet. Citizens of City 7 often make trips to the visit such vessels as the Hollywood Amusement Ship, the Riviera Resort Ship or the Mark Twain [VII] Resort Ship. Mylene Flare Jenius owned and operated a red sports car during her years aboard the Macross 7. Bobby owned a green colored version of the Fellini Sports Car. The Fellini Sports Car was a birthday present to Mylene from her father Max Jenius (Macross Chronicle 2E Macross 7 Mechanic Sheet 03B).

Production Notes

Debut: Macross 7, Episode 2 (Green Type, Episode 11)
Driver: Mylene Flare Jenius, Bobby
Other Appearances: none
Original mechanical designer: Studio Nue

Line Art

  • Fellini Sports Car (2045) line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images From - Macross 7 Animation Materials and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist