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Sports Car (Blue, 2045)
(redrawn by lazyMK, colors by C. Wilson)

Sports Car (Blue, 2045)

Technical Data

Equipment Type: four-wheel sports automobile
Government: none (privately owned)
Manufacturer: unknown
Dimensions: unknown
Mass: unknown
Power Plant: one engine; many x vernier thrusters
Design Features: left-hand drive (common for vehicles of this era)
Armament: none

Description and History

The sports car is a high performance personal transport vehicle commonly found on the streets of the 37th long-distance colonization fleet's City 7 ship. As such, the Sports Car is able to operate for limited, short-range travel in space. Hubs of flight thrusters are built into sides of the front tires, the top rear body and the underside allow maneuvering in a vacuum while an enclosed life support system protects the occupants. These systems allow the sports car to leave City 7 and navigate the "Milky Road", a large web of guidance beams permitting safe space travel between the many vessels of the fleet. This model has gull wing doors and a rear-view camera. Monitors are installed into the dashboard, headliner and rear-view mirror to allow the driver to instantly confirm the situation behind and around the vehicle. Pilot Gamlin Kizaki owned this blue model sports car during his assignment to the Macross 7 fleet (Macross Chronicle 2E Macross 7 Mechanic Sheet 03B).

Production Notes

Debut: Macross 7, Episode 25
Driver: Gamlin Kizaki
Other Appearances: none
Original mechanical designer: Studio Nue

Line Art

  • Sports Car (Blue, 2045) line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images drawn by fan artist based upon the Macross 7 animation materials
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist