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City Police Patroid (Patroid Mode)
(redrawn by Daniel Dugarte/vectormz, colors by C. Wilson)

City Police Patroid (Travelling Mode)
(redrawn by Daniel Dugarte/vectormz, colors by C. Wilson)

A City Police Patroid in action aboard City 7

City Police Patroid

Technical Data

Equipment Type: variable patroid
Government: United Nations Forces (City 7 Security Forces)
Manufacturer: unknown
  • Patroid Mode: height 7.74 meters (line art size comparison to VF-19 Custom Battroid)
  • Travelling Mode: unknown
  • Mass: unknown
    Power Plant: one engine
    Design Features: 2-mode variable transformation; patrol light on dorsal side; raisable armored panels on front windows; wheel covers rotate halfway during transformation into Patroid mode to form feet contacts; police package including strobe/inspection lights
    - Armament -
  • 1 x anti-armor bazooka (carried in right manipulator in Patroid mode)

  • Description and History

    The City Police Patroid is a variable security vehicle capable of operating in an armored car "Travelling" mode and a four-legged "Patroid" configuration. The City Police Patroid is likely deployed as an emergency vehicle operated by a specific response unit within the City 7 police force. Although the City Police Patroid is a non-military vehicle, it is armed with an anti-armor bazooka fielding enough firepower to destroy a variable fighter like the Fz-109A Elgerzorene. The City Police Patroid features the typical passive visual warnings in the form of markings (livery) upon the exterior of the vehicle. The vehicle also includes active audio and visual warning systems produced via warning sirens and flashing colored beacons/lightbars mounted upon the top of the car and patroid modes. In 2045 the 37th long-distance colonization fleet fought against the Protodevlin, deploying City Police Patroids for emergencies to counter enemy incursions into the Macross 7 fleet ships such as City 7.

    NOTE: Some perceptive fans have noted the Patroid mode carries a large weapon that bears more than a passing resemblance to the 380 mm Hyper Bazooka carried by the RX-78-2 Gundam from the animated series Mobile Suit Gundam (1979). Macross creator Shoji Kawamori is known as a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and it's likely this was another small homage to that animated series.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross 7, Episode 31 (also, Macross 7 P*L*U*S City Police 24 Hours)
    Driver: no notables
    Other appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Munenori Nawa

    Line Art

  • City Police Patroid line art
  • Information Courtesy of the Macross Compendium:
    Images drawn by fan artist based upon the Macross 7 animation materials
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist