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Technical Data

Equipment Type: poor-man's valkyrie
Government: U.N. Spacy
Introduction: unknown
Operational Deployment: unknown
Accommodation: unknown
Dimensions: height 0.0 meters
Mass: weight in metric tons unknown
Power Plant: unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Design Features: none
- Armament -
  • 1 or more x guns (one mounted on forward under the nose)
  • Bombs & Missiles:
  • many x missiles (mounted all over)
  • 32 x grenade dispensors (mounted in groups on each outer arm and leg, 7 x dispensors per each arm and 9 x dispensors per each leg)

  • Description and History

    A single-mode GERWALK-type destroid armed with numerous missile launchers. The GERWALKroid has the heavy armament of a destroid and the mobility of a battroid and was developed as an inexpensive substitute for the Valkyrie without long-distance flight capabilities.

    Production Notes

    Debut: Macross II, Episode 5
    Pilot(s): no notables
    Other appearances: none
    Original mechanical designer: Atsushi Okuda, Junichi Akutsu, Kazumi Fujita, Koichi Ohata

    Line Art

  • GERWALKroid line art
  • Translated information from Entertainment Bible #51, B-Club #79, Mecha Press #7 and Macross Chronicle
    Images From - This Is Animation Special 5: Macross II, B-Club #79 and other macross books
    C. Wilson - Writer, Editor and Colorist