FOOTNOTE: Macross II Year of Events
Within the printed materials for Macross II Original Soundtrack (OST) Vol. 2 there is a direct statement about the chronological setting of Macross II: Lovers Again. Included with the soundtrack are liner notes with a summary detailing "the story so far" and it is within that section the year of the OVA setting is explicitly stated as 2092AD. Additionally, this date is confirmed using two other facts: the date of the last Zentradi invasion is listed as 2082AD in B-Club #79 and in the Macross II anime series, Sylvie Gena states the last Zentradi invasion was 10 years ago, hence the current year would be 2092AD. Thanks go out to TheLoneWolf of the Macross World forums for this discovery and Seto Kaiba for the translation.

Macross Chronicle (published 2008-2010) issue #49 and Macross Chronicle (DeAgonstini, published 2014) issue #72 feature the Macross II Timeline Sheet 01A which states the events of Macross II are set in 2091. Like some other examples of supposedly ambiguous facts researched by the Chronicle writing staff, the date 2091AD is a compromise between two dates the writers were apparently unable to reconcile. Without knowing whether to choose 2090AD (from Macross Ace #1) or 2092AD (from Macross II Original Soundtrack OST Vol. 2) the Macross Chronicle writers simply chose a compromise, hence 2091AD. Since the 2092AD date is the only date officially and specifically published and since it can be confirmed by other published/animated sources, the Macross Mecha Manual will utilize the 2092AD date as official.

It is notable that Macross Ace #1 (published January 26, 2009) features a timeline that included Macross II in the main Macross continuity. The publication of this particular timeline has no known standing to supercede either the Macross II official publications continuity or both editions of the Macross Chronicle official continuity. Hence the offical standing of Macross II as a parallel world remains unchanged.

FOOTNOTE: Macross II Set As Parallel World
Since as early as 1994, Macross II: Lovers Again has been categorized as set in a parallel world separate from the other Macross anime productions. First mention of this appears to be Macross: A Future Chronicle a special pamphlet and video featurette released in 1994 with the first volume of Macross Plus. The parallel world setting of Macross II is also mentioned in the novelization Super Dimension Fortress Macross II Vol.5 (Super Quest paperback [Super Quest Bunko] light novel; by Sukehiro Tomita published by Shogakukan June, 1994; ISBN4-09-440015-X; citation pg 192-195). Mention again is made of the parallel world setting in RADIO MACROSS Episode 5 (Aired February 2008, Segment RADIO MACROSS UNIVERSITY). Lastly, Macross Chronicle (published 2008-2010) issue #49 (confirmed again in Macross Chronicle [DeAgonstini] published 2014) feature the Macross II Timeline Sheet 01A, which has been separated from the timelines of the other Macross productions.

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