This is a small but important section I've built for acknowledgements.
The work or contributions of those listed below helped make this website possible.

  • Burke Rukes
    • Former owner/operator of the now defunct Mecha Domain (a version of which lives on at Chris Guanche's Mecha and Animation Headquarters). Rukes work on Gundam, Macross and Patlabor was a template for the work and format of this website.

  • Egan Loo
    • Owner/operator of the Macross Compendium. His translations of the japanese text describing the Macross franchise remains the definitive english work on the subject. Without his work, most english speaking Macross fans wouldn't know much about Macross.

  • Shawn and Graham
    • Owners/operators of Macross World, the largest english Macross website on the internet. By giving people like me a place to interact with other Macross fans, we were able to collaborate and build this website. Graham has offered helpful advice about Macross and provided information about the myriad of old Macross publications.

  • Tachyon
    • Owner/operator of Gears Online, a great mecha website and a rare english language home for one of the best kept secrets of Japanese mecha...The Five Star Stories. Tachyon has been a supporter and friend of the Macross Mecha Manual, so make sure to support and visit his website as well.

  • Seto Kaiba of the Macross World forums
    • Macross fan that provided a new home for the Macross Mecha Manual in 2010. Seto has also provided translations of Entertainment Bible #51, the Macross Chronicle and contributed to development of the Macross II section.

  • Alex (aka EXO of the Macross World forums)
    • A patient fan who help me avoid the pitfalls - and walked me through the setup of - the Macross Mecha Manual on Facebook.

  • J.E. McClellan (aka briscojr84)
    • A primary contributor and fellow Macross fan who gave the Macross Mecha Manual a home on the internet for our first two years of operation.

  • Dante74 of the Macross World forums
    • Another primary contributor and Macross fan who created new custom banners, buttons and other graphics for the entire website and continues to work with me to improve the Macross Mecha Manual.

  • Talos
    • Helpful Macross fan who has assisted with line art for the Patlabor section and built several aircraft schematic profiles featured in the Macross Zero, SDF Macross and Macross Game & Advanced Valkyrie sections.

  • cyde01 of the Macross World forums
    • A wonderful Macross fan who translated many pages of Japanese text so I could write profiles of previously untranslated Macross vehicles. A real pleasure to work with and very professional.

  • Hurin of Macross World/Macross Nexus
    • Another Macross fan who helped educate me in the ways of FTP and provided support for my project.

  • Nied of Macross World
    • An enthusiastic member of the Macross World message boards who contributed a great deal of work to the Zentradi "Enemy" Battle Suit profile (Macross Plus) and the VF-4 Lightning III profile (Flashback 2012).

  • Zor Master of the Macross World forums (aka Totoro242)
    • A fan from the Macross World message boards who provided a high resolution scan of the holy grail of Macross line art: the Megaroad line art from Page 56 of the Macross Flashback 2012 art book.

  • treatment of the Macross World forums
    • A friendly Macross fan that provided high resolution scans from the Macross Plus Remastered DVD Booklet (2007). With this I was able to color several pieces of rare line art and add them to the various profiles.

  • DarkReaper of the Macross World forums
    • Macross fan that provided a large number of high quality screen shots for reference material, particularly the remastered Macross 7 anime.

  • hellohikaru of the Macross World forums
    • Macross fan who built clean, high quality versions of the VF-2SS Valkyrie II schematics from Macross II.

  • Kelsain of the Macross World forums
    • A fellow Macross fan who built the first rough guide of the VF-25 transformation and assisted me with the revised VF-25 Messiah color coded transformation guides.

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